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Odds & Ends-Volume 87


Brian Sabean so far gets an F for how the Giants’ offseason is going in terms of acquiring talent in order to reclaim a World Series title for the 2015 season. BrianSabean

First Pablo Sandoval runs off to Boston despite getting a nearly identical offer from the Giants that the Red Sox ultimately gave him, and who does Sabean get to replace such a big bat in the lineup? Casey McGehee

Excuse me? Casey McGehee? Are you kidding me? He had a grand total of four home runs last year. How the hell is he supposed to fill that hole offensively with such a grand home run total?

It’s not just the third base issues that bother me, it’s all the talent the team had a chance to acquire like Ben Zobrist,Jon Lester and Max Scherzer to name a few that the Giants fell short on getting in the hopes of getting better for this coming season. I’m not saying that Sabean is a bad general manager, I’m just saying he hasn’t done enough this offseason to make this team competitive for this coming season.

There’s hope that during the season or before the Cactus League opens that a deal will come through where a big name (not McGehee,that’s not a big name) comes over to bolster this team. We’re still waiting in the meantime.


Julian Edelman fires a pass to Danny Amendola for a 51-yard in New England’s 35-31 win vs. Baltimore on Jan.10

The New England Patriots managed to come back twice in their divisional round match-up with the ever-so-tough Baltimore Ravens. It was a game that if you like action going back-and-forth,it did not disappoint,unless of course you’re in Baltimore or a Ravens fan.

Joe Flacco played a great game for Baltimore,throwing for four touchdowns and Justin Forsett was exceptional as always on the ground with 24 carries and 129 yards. But it was Tom Brady,Rob Gronkowski,and Julian Edelman who stole the show. Edelman in particular was the one who showed us his many talents when in the third quarter after receiving a pass from Brady in the backfield,Edelman stops and then throws it ahead to Danny Amendola who went 51 yards for a Patriots touchdown. I loved it!

Edelman was a quarterback in college at Kent State and that was his first ever NFL pass attempt. That for me as a Patriots fan has to be my favorite play of all-time. Nobody expected it and when it happened,it excited you.

They now have a date with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday to decide the AFC championship.

The Cowboys-Packers game was also a very good match-up that was entertaining until the very end. Tony Romo and Aaron

Dez Bryant's 31-yard catch in the 4th quarter was reversed after a challenge was issued by Packers coach Mike McCarthy

Dez Bryant’s 31-yard catch in the 4th quarter was reversed after a challenge was issued by Packers coach Mike McCarthy

Rodgers battled to decide what team was going to make a trip to the NFC Championship Game in Seattle next week. It was the first time these two teams had met in the postseason since the famous Ice Bowl game in 1967.

The Cowboys held the lead until the fourth quarter when the Packers scored on a Rodgers touchdown pass to another guy who’s named Rodgers, that would be tight end Richard Rodgers.

The call that has and will raise controversy is the one in the fourth quarter where Dez Bryant of the Cowboys caught a 31-yard pass at the Green Bay 1-yard line. Packers coach Mike McCarthy challenged the call and had one timeout left in the game.

McCarthy was successful in his challenge and the call was reversed and ruled incomplete. This led to the Packers’ eventual 26-21 win and a match-up with the Seahawks next week.

I thought the challenge was legit for this reason only,the ball seemed to pop out as Bryant went to the ground. To me, he didn’t have full control and was the reason why the call was reversed. I know every Cowboys fan is going to disagree,so we’ll have to agree to do just that.

NationalChampionshipGame15The National Championship Game to decide college football’s champion is tonight between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes. This is a game I have looked forward to because we finally get to see a true champion decided not by a poll or a computer,but an actual playoff game.

We have two great teams in this one and although it seems like Oregon is at a disadvantage with their star receiver Darren Carrington declared ineligible on Friday,I still like the Ducks to win because of their resiliency and how talented they are. It also comes down to who’s the better quarterback and I know that Ohio State is playing their third string quarterback,but Marcus Mariota is such a smart kid and a smart player and you’ll see why he is everyone’s consensus number one pick for the NFL Draft in April. Nevertheless,it should be a great game.

The thing that made me the laugh the most last week was the announcement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that GronkTDthere is a romance novel that was published where the subject of affection is Rob Gronkowski.

A Gronking to Remember by Lacey Noonan is the tale of a woman who is turned on by Gronkowski and his style of play. She suddnely wants him and will stop at nothing to get him.

I have purchased this book and it should be arriving to my house sometime this week and when I have finished reading it,there will be a review coming to this very site. And yes,Dylan, you may read it once I have done so myself. Sports!


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