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Leftovers-The Things That Need to Go in 2015

We’ve just had our fill of the 100 Things That Need to Go in 2015. It was a great success yet again so I want to thank everyone out there for checking out the list this year. If you’ve missed it,there’s still time to check it out. But with a great meal like this list,there’s always leftovers. So here now is the subsequent Leftovers list for The Things That Need to Go in 2015.




First year omission

I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t put these on the list even though they made it every year before the ’15 list. It’s a simple answer: My hatred for them isn’t as strong as it once was and I wanted some more first year selections to make the list seem more fresh. I still think these shoes aren’t the most attractive and they make your feet smell bad (If your feet smell bad, there’s no telling what else you aren’t taking of). I have no idea if this will make our list for ’16,but stranger things have happened and stranger things have come back to the list.

BARTseatsFootball fans who protest the colors of seats on trains

This was a strong candidate to make the list earlier in the year. This actually happened when 49ers fans were upset that the seats on new BART trains were “Seattle Seahawks colors”.

There was even a petition to try and get the seat colors changed. While I thought that fans were hysterical and while this would’ve been a great item to put on the list in Mid-February had the list came out then, I didn’t select it because quite frankly 49ers fans have been through enough this season with the shit play calling of Greg Roman alone. Why throw more salt to a wound that’s probably going to get worse in the coming weeks? It just wouldn’t have been fair or nice.

DuckFacesDuck faces

First year omission

This made the list last year because there was a big epidemic of girls making duck faces in lieu of smiling. It was pretty annoying,unattractive, and even borderline immature. This epidemic has subsided over the last year,therefore eliminating the need to put it on the list for ’15. I have a feeling it won’t make the list anytime soon,and that’s a good thing.

The Vikings-Eagles-Bengals-Cowboys-Steelers family from the NFL Shop commercials

I so wanted to put this on the list this year because I hate this fucking commercial very much. If you haven’t seen it,it starts out as a family who are die-hard Vikings fans and then their terrible kids move elsewhere and leave behind their allegiance to the Vikings,therefore leaving behind and forgetting where they came from. This commercial is so wrong on so many levels. First of all, this is a violation of Sports Fan rules. If you move to another city, the team you rooted for when you lived in your previous city/region is your team still. You cannot become a Cowboys fan just because you ran into Emmitt Smith on the street one day. Secondly,you cannot switch to a spouse’s team ever. Part of being in a couple and being us as people is celebrating ourselves and our differences,so why can’t a couple have their own teams to cheer for?

By the way,I am clearly not alone in this thinking. If you check the stats on the video I posted, there are more thumbs downs than ups.

I wish I could turn back time and add this back to the list,but I can’t. Just know that it was a strong candidate that fell just short.

SneakerFightPeople who get into fights over sneakers

This was also a strong candidate for the list this year,but with the riots and looting going on in Ferguson, that item kind of covered this one,therefore eliminating its need. However,it’s still a stupid thing to do in my opinion. Why would you fight somebody for their shoes of all things? I love me a good pair of shoes as much as the next person, but they aren’t worth fighting for? Especially a pair that costs over $200. By the way, if you buy a pair of shoes that cost that much,you better wear them everyday,otherwise you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

replacementrefsNFL fans who want the replacement referees back because their team sucks

Many of my friends who are fans of teams who have sucked for a while complained on Facebook that they wished for the replacement referees that we had in the beginning of the ’12 season would come back. It’s such a ridiculous statement to make when your team is bad. The referees aren’t the reason why your team sucks, the reason why is because no top free agents would sign there, they can’t draft well,and the losing culture is most likely an acceptable one at the moment. This didn’t make the list because it’s such a dumb statement to make. 


First year omission

This also made the list every year except for this one and it’s because even though they’re still popular and still ugly and for some reason girls wear them when it’s raining therefore making them soggy and their feet wet,there were items that I wanted to get on the list for the first time,that way we can make the list fresh and more exciting. It’s basically the same explanation I had for TOMS shoes, but it is the reason why this was omitted.

FourthHourTodayThe fourth hour of the Today show

While my local NBC affiliate doesn’t broadcast this horrible piece of television at its normally scheduled time because they carry Live with Kelly and Michael, it does come on at 2 in the morning and no matter what time it comes on,it’s just awful television. When you have two people like Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford slurping down wine to get themselves through an hour on camera, it’s actually kind of sad to watch and uninteresting television. Not only that,but four hours of the Today show is too much as it is. Having Matt Lauer on there still is bad enough without these two drunks on screen.

FacebookPeople who omit their last name on Facebook

First year omission

I put this on the list the year before and even though I still hate when people do this,it just wasn’t a strong enough thing to add to the list. I don’t understand why some people omit their last name on Facebook. Is there something to hide? Are you wanted by the feds? Is there some kind of witness relocation program you’re sorta in? Come on,out with it!

clubcardsGrocery store club cards

First year omission

While I still hate these cards with a passion,it’s been falling down the list in recent years to the point where I didn’t see any reason to add it to this year’s list. I don’t see why I need a special card to get a good deal on bread. Why can’t everyone have that kind of deal on a loaf of bread? Oh,I know why. You want to see and track what we’re buying. Well,no thank you! I’ll gladly go to a store that doesn’t need a card. Costco, you’re the exception because that’s a card someone willingly pays for.







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