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Reviewing the new Holiday Dum-Dum Pops

DumDumHolidayWell I was out doing a little shopping yesterday and not only did I see discount Halloween candy still on shelves (Dollar General,kids), but I saw my favorite lollipops in holiday form.

That’s right, there is now a holiday version of Dum-Dum Pops. There are eight special flavors for the holidays: Gingerbread, Merry Cherry,Sugar Plum, Hot Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Green Apple Grinch, Polar Punch,and Apple Cider, plus of course mystery flavors just like a regular bag will have.
Naturally,I was curious as to how these were going to taste,so I grabbed a bag and took them home. I have tried each flavor,however, Polar Punch was a limited time flavor earlier this year so I already knew how that tasted. That flavor, like the ones in this bag, are limited edition flavors.

I really liked the Gingerbread flavored one the best. It was the first one out of the bag that I had, but had I not chosen it first I have a feeling it still would be the case. The Sugar Cookie one was really good as well as were Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider. All the flavors were tasty, but as far as the Sugar Plum flavor went, you better really like it in order to tolerate it because that flavor lasts a while when you’re eating it. Some flavors linger longer than other,but the Sugar Plum was very long lasting.

I do wish they would’ve had some sort of Peppermint flavor,though,or a candy cane one. I think that would’ve made this holiday pack even better than it already is. So if anyone from The Spangler Candy Co. is reading (they’re the folks who make Dum-Dum Pops), if you decide to go forth with this again, include Peppermine just for me.

Overall,I think it’s a great new holiday item that you will certainly enjoy, especially if you’re looking for a lollipop with different and unique flavors.

Thumbs Up!




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