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Odds & Ends-Volume 79


ColinK7I don’t know what the hell the NFL was thinking when they fined 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing a pair of pink headphones from Beats Electronics around his neck in a press conference following last Sunday’s win against Kansas City.

Look,I understand the league has a sponsorship deal with Bose,but fining a guy for wearing the wrong headphones is pretty ridiculous. Not only that, but it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Kaepernick was wearing pink headphones because his grandmother was affected by breast cancer. I highly doubt that Kaepernick is doing any harm by wearing headphones that aren’t made by Bose. When Kaepernick is getting fined more than Julius Thomas did for that illegal chop block on Arizona’s Calais Campbell ($8,268) , something is terribly wrong.

I doubt that anyone saw the Dallas Cowboys having such a great start, even I didn’t see this coming. This team is having what I think is the biggest surprise Cowboysseason out of any NFL team sdso far, including the Browns.

Dallas continued their winning ways by beating the defending Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, on the road by a score of 30-23. DeMarco Murray was the man who scored the touchdown that gave the Cowboys the lead for good. At 5-1, they share the lead with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.
The key to that entire offense has been Murray. He is running the ball as well as any tailback in the league and he is by far the difference maker for Dallas’ offense. Tony Romo has played well in his own right,but it’s Murray that gets that offense going.

Only time will tell if the Cowboys can keep this going,but as of right now they look like the team they should’ve been the last few years.

For my money,Tom Brady is the guy I want under center to lead a fourth quarter comeback,but Aaron Rodgers is a close second.

RodgersThe Packers quarterback who told Packerland to R-E-L-A-X after going 1-2 continued to give them reasons to keep believing as he led a fourth quarter comeback on the road in Miami to give the Packers a 27-24 win over the Dolphins. Rodgers overcame a fumble and a fourth-and-10, faked an intentional spike before completing a touchdown pass to Devonte Adams to seal a victory for the Packers.

“You want the opportunity to make a play there at the end,” Rodgers said.

I watched the end of that game Sunday and in the back of my mind had a feeling that somehow, someway Rodgers would get this team in the position they needed to and had to be in to get a victory on the road and he did exactly that. What a brilliant player he is to make the kinds of plays that he does. Packers fans, you have to be lucky to have him.


The Edmonton OIlers started off the season losing at home to the Calgary Flames 5-2 on Thursday night,and already fans have had enough.OilersJerseyIce

At the end of the game, a fan tossed his hooded swaetshirt onto the ice,along with his cell phone if you have seen pictures. If this scene sounds familiar, this same thing last season after a loss to St. Louis with a jersey.

On Facebook I wrote that I was okay with this after only one game and that stance has not changed. Oilers fans are sick and tired of this. They are absolutely fed up with the continuous losing seasons, the false promises by the front office that things will change, and seeing a team that isn’t living up to their potential. If fans have to throw their gear onto the ice to send a message to the Oilers’ front office and the league that the way this team plays isn’t okay, I say do this after every game they lose in Rexall Place.

Unfortunately as an Oilers fan, it doesn’t look like things will be getting any better anytime soon,and I’m saying this with 80 games to go.


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