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Odds & Ends-Volume 66


Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there and thank you to all the men and women who have served our country proudly!

SF Cap2Not only are the San Francisco Giants back after a terrible 2013 season,but they currently have the best record in baseball at 32-18. Not only are they pitching well but the hitting has improved very greatly,especially guys like Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval who had a rough start to the season.

The Giants are now 6-0 against the American League this season as they swept the Twins at home this weekend. In the final game, Madison Bumgarner struck out 10 batters and didn’t allow a walk to earn his fourth straight win. The Giants won 8-1. The Giants welcome the Cubs for a three game set today.

I know this is the beginning of the season and only May, but this team is not messing around. I absolutely love what I am seeing from them so far this year. They look much different than the team that fell flat on its face in 2013. I think that the rest of Major League Baseball will know if they don’t already that this team is sticking around a while. Believe it!

If you’ve heard the term “Super Bowl Hangover”, then surely the term “World Series Hangover” should come into play as well.Red Sox

The 2011 and 2013 Giants dealt with it and now the 2014 Red Sox have a severe case of it as well. The defending World Series champions are 20-129 and have lost 10 in a row and sit in last place in the American League East. This team definitely does not look like the team that went from last to first the previous season and it’s not hard too see why. Winning a World Series obviously takes its toll on a team the next season. I saw it with the Giants the two seasons they had following a World Series winning year and you’re seeing it now with the Red Sox.

Yes,I know we’re still in May and the early part of the season, but if a move isn’t made by the trade deadline to get this team moving in the right direction, you might as well stick a fork in their season.

LAKingsIf there is one team I am not betting against in either the NBA or NHL postseason, it has to be the Los Angeles Kings.

These guys are the true comeback kids of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They came back from a 3-0 deficit against the Sharks and played a great,hard-fought series against the Ducks. They now lead the Western Conference Finals 2-1 against the defending champions, the Chicago Blackhawks.
In Saturday’s Game 3, the Kings survived and won 4-3 despite the Blackhawks getting two goals from their captain, Jonathan Toews.

This Kings team is turning out to be better than I thought they would be. They took down two teams that many thought would win it all (How’s that prediction working out for you?) and they may dethrone this team. Don’t be surprised if they do, the Kings have such a will to win and they don’t quit. If they skate on to the Finals, I think they’ll win it all for their second Cup in three seasons. That would be very impressive!

I saw this story on Sunday morning and couldn’t believe my four eyes. The jersey that Mark Sanchez wore during the “Buttfumble Thanksgiving Game” against ButtFumblethe Patriots in 2012 was sold to a Jets fan for a cool $820.

Jake Hendrickson, a Jets fan living in California, noticed the jersey was on an NFL auction site and was so set on getting it that he set the alarm early on his clock so he could ensure that he would get the highest bid.

“The second I realized what it was I knew I had to have it. Almost for macabre reasons; the amount of ridicule I have received from friends regarding that play and me being a diehard Jets fan out in California especially,” Hendrickson told Yahoo! Sports. “There’s no way I could let it get in the hands of an anti-fan or something of that manner to be shoved in our face.”

Hendrickson says he will frame it on a wall and keep it until the Jets win a Super Bowlor save up to get a rocketship to shoot it out into space.
I am surprised that anyone would buy this. Not only that,but for only $820. I thought that jersey could get more than that. If that what’s he wants to do, I guess that’s alright. But it’s a peculiar purchase if you ask me. Why would anyone want to own a piece of history from their team that isn’t very flattering? That’s like a Chargers fan wanting a Ryan Leaf game-worn jersey because of how awful he was there. Or a Browns fan wanting a jersey of the 20 different quarterbacks that have started for them since their return 15 years ago.

I guess maybe it’s not that bizarre since the Jets haven’t won anything in 45 years,but still…


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