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Odds & Ends-Volume 65

OddsEndsRiverCatsIt was reported Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle by Susan Slusser that the Sacramento RiverCats may want to affiliate with the San Francisco Giants as their AAA affiliate as early as next season. The RiverCats have been the Oakland Athletics’ AAA affiliate since arriving in the capital city since 2000. Since their arrival, the RiverCats have had success on the field and at the box office.

The Giants’ current AAA affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies, have not fared well at the box office and have only won one division title since their 1998 arrival. Both affiliations expire at the end of this season and no new deal can be orchestrated until September when the minor league season ends.

I personally think it would be awesome for the Giants to affiliate with the RiverCats. I’m no A’s fan in the slightest and to be able to see players coming through Sacramento to my favorite team would be the best. I would probably be more interested in seeing the RiverCats. I go to a game or two a year, but that might increase should the new affiliation happen. Also, a lot of Giants fans are RiverCats fans, when you go to Raley Field, there aren’t that many A’s fans. It’s a win-win situation for the Giants.

For the A’s it would be a big blow because they would lose out on having their players be able to be called up with a few hours notice and also because the Giants do not want them moving to San Jose as it is. Imagine what would happen if Sacramento was out of the picture because of that possible affiliation of the RiverCats with the Giants. There’s no way the Giants would allow a Sacramento move at that point.

“No San Jose and no Sacramento?” a major-league source said to the San Francisco Chronicle. “That’s really sticking it to the A’s.”

If the move happens, it is likely the A’s would affiliate with the Grizzlies. Stay tuned!

Keeping with the Giants, for a lot of us fans our long national nightmare is over as is the era of the Tim Lincecum Porn Star Mustache.lincecummustache

The end for Lincecum’s ill-fated facial hair came early Sunday morning,much to the delight of many Giants fans everywhere. Some fans,however, are devastated.

I was happy he got rid of it. As I told my friend Kim, it was an embarrassment to all facial hair everywhere. The mustache didn’t suit him. I don’t think any kind of facial hair would. I think what does suit him is his baby face with the short hair, he looks a lot better like that. Having facial hair is a tricky thing because it can either enhance your look or destroy it. For Lincecum, it just didn’t work. Maybe with the loss of that mustache he may pitch a little better, at least I hope.

KevinLoveI’ve long criticized the NBA for not being very friendly to its smaller markets, but something tells me that some of these small markets aren’t trying hard enough to be competitive,winning franchises.

Case in point,the Minnesota Timberwolves. For a few years now they have had the incredibly talented Kevin Love on their roster. Unfortunately they have not surrounded him with the best supporting cast, which has resulted in no playoff appearances since Love was drafted in 2008.

Love’s contract is up next season and from all indications he is not interested in staying in the Twin Cities. It’s been reported that team such as the Bulls and Warriors are of interest.

It’s not that the Wolves aren’t trying,they’re just not trying hard enough. When you’ve got teams like the Heat,the Thunder, the Clippers,and the Pacers who have more complete teams and high profile players, that’s what you need to go after. If the Wolves would have done more of that, I think Love would be more content to stay. I hate seeing superstar players go elsewhere, but when they want to win, they’ll go someplace where they can do that and that’s all there is to it!Hernandez

The plethora of legal charges continues to pile on for former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. He has been formally indicted on a murder charge dating back to 2012 when he allegedly killed two people in a Boston drive-by shooting. Hernandez is already in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old man who was killed near Hernandez’s home.

I wish I could say I was surprised by this,but I’m not. We knew about these possible charges,that it was possible that he had something to do with those crimes in addition to the Lloyd shooting and now we’ve come to find out that those charges have come to life. It absolutely looks bad for this guy and I don’t think anyone is showing any sorrow or sympathy for him,myself included. I hope that seeing how involved this guy was with these shootings serves as a wake-up call for players as well as front office personnel who don’t think character issues don’t matter when it comes to drafting players or even signing them as free agents. If you look at what’s happened with Hernandez, that should tell you all you need to know.


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