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Leftovers: The Things That Need to Go in 2014


As luck would have it, not everything can make our list. But here is a look of what just missed our list and what you might see in our list next year. Sorry that this has come so late, I have been Christmas shopping and having problems with my computer.

ARod13Alex Rodriguez

I have had enough of Alex Rodriguez and his antics and with the way he has handled his suspension. This guy,who apparently is 38, is acting like a child when it comes down to all of this. He certainly has not helped his own cause in his attempt to have his suspension either reduced or annulled. Unfortunately this did not make the list because his career is just about over anyhow and anything he does or says is quite laughable to me,much like another group of people further down on this list.

CarRadioRadio stations that cut out half the song to save time

So many radio stations do this with a lot of songs now and I hate it. Why is this done? It irritates me quite a bit when I hear a song and I know there is more to it that I want to hear and I am sure you do,too! I thought long and hard about putting this on the list,but lacked the right angle to talk about this.

CouplesMatchingShoesCouples with matching shoes

I really wanted this on the list,but the truth is there are some shoes that I am okay with couples matching (ex: Converse All-Stars and Vans), but when it comes to couples wearing TOMS together and the like that is where I cringe and I also ask those men for their Man cards. For the most part,though, you should not have the same shoes as your mate. There is a reason why men never wear high heels,yo!

weddingbeachBeach weddings

This was a list staple ever since we have basically done the list. Well, putting this on the list ran out of gas for me. It isn’t that I no longer don’t like beach weddings, there is just not much I can do about them,I do think they have been overdone and it is time we picked another trendy place to have a wedding. The mountains,anyone?
ProBowl13The Pro Bowl

It was 60th on our list a year ago and I still wanted it on the list. However, I am giving it one more chance with the new format that is taking place for the ’14 game and if it is successful then this might not make the list. If it sucks, expect to see this back as a candidate for our list in ’15.
BeardedbeaniesBearded Beanies

These made the list last year because there is another way to have facial warmth…grow facial hair! I did think about placing them on the list again this year,but I rarely saw these being worn by people. Chances are that,if these ridiculous bearded beanies become more prominent that they will be brought back to the list for ’15.
PaulGeorgePCThe way NBA players dress at press conferences

This was heavily considered for this year’s list. How much so? I had to ask my KSSU co-host DJ Mappquest if they should make the list and he became the voice of reason on this. He said that while players dress horribly before and after games,it gives us something to talk about (not to mention some hilarious pictures of Paul George). This will go away in about a year or two and as the years go on we will be talking about how bad these teams dressed off the court.

Oakland_RaidersOakland Raiders fans talking shit about your team despite the fact that their team has missed the postseason 11 (going on 12) straight seasons

Raider fans, you have no room to talk about how our teams aren’t good when yours for the last 12 years has been nothing short of shitty. The last playoff appearance you guys had was Super Bowl XXXVII which was a super long time ago back when I sort-of still had hair, ugly glasses,and was still agile enough to be called young. The reason this did not make the list is because Raiders fans live in the past anyways and any shit that gets talked about our teams from them is quite laughable and should never be taken seriously (until they make the playoffs again,which could be a while).

Suggesting the idea that a college team can beat a depleted pro team

This was suggested to me several times this year and I find it pretty ridiculous. This was even said about my New England Patriots at one point when it was suggested that they (the Patriots) would have trouble beating the then-No. 1 college team in the country, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Are you fucking kidding me? A.J. McCarron beating Tom Brady? That’s ridiculous.
A depleted pro team would kick a college team’s ass. You are talking about children versus men. The reason this missed the list is because, like Raiders fans talking mess about your team, is laughable.

BSODThe blue screen of death

This is the curse of many computer owners. That moment when you are working on something and then all of a sudden a blue screen appears that effectively shuts down whatever you are working on and then your computer restarts. I really wanted this to make the list and there sure is potential for it to do so because this is something I very much fear in life. This year,though, there were only so many entries that needed to make it instead of this one.

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