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Odds & Ends-Volume 51

OddsEndsMyersFernandezThe Rookie of the Year winners in baseball have been announced. Wil Myers of the Rays of won the American League award and Jose Fernandez of the Marlins won it for the National League. Myers won it with 23 first place votes over Jose Iglesias (five) of the Tigers while Hernandez won it with 26 first place votes over Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers (four).

Yep,that’s right. Puig did not win the award as so many people thought he would. Not only did he not win, he didn’t even come close to winning. How did it happen?

Well, Fernandez went 12-6 with a 2.19 ERA and 187 strikeouts for a team that lost 100 games. Pretty impressive if you ask me because who else on the Marlins could you name other than him and possibly Giancarlo Stanton?

While Puig did have a .319 batting average with 19 home runs, his 42 RBI did not impress me,especially in 104 games. I think if he had double the RBI he had this season, he would have been the surefire candidate. I also thought his play in the outfield was lackluster at times and manager Don Mattingly even had him pulled in a game in favor of Skip Schumaker.

I know that Puig was instrumental in giving a team that had no life in it whatsoever a jolt all the way to the playoffs, but how many pitchers are winning 12 games on teams that lose 100 of them? That’s quite impressive.

I do wonder,though. If Puig had won,do you think he would have celebrated inside Chase Field’s pool? Just a thought!Foles

Wanna know how good Nick Foles is? I should have picked him up in fantasy. I debated between picking him up or a returning Jay Cutler and chose the latter. The result? Cutler had 12 points and Foles had 22. I lost by 10, You do the math!

The second year quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has shown to be the best signal caller on the roster and has 16 touchdown passes and zero interceptions. Sure,10 of those touchdowns have come in the last two weeks, but how good have the Eagles been in those last two weeks?

I have no idea if he is the guy to lead them for the long haul, but he is the one to lead them the rest of this season. At 5-5, the Eagles have a share of first place in the NFC East and could get better as the season goes on. Their schedule is full on winable games with Washington, Arizona,and Minnesota. If they are to have a chance at winning those games,I think Foles is their best option.

PacersSo far in this young NBA season my prediction for NBA champion is looking pretty good.

The Indiana Pacers improved to 8-0 by beating Memphis 95-79 on Monday to remain lossless and have looked good doing it and only look like they are getting better as Danny Granger is looking to make his debut this season very soon.

“Everything we’re shooting for is attainable, but we’ve got a long way to go, a lot of work to do,” coach Frank Vogel said.

I think the best thing about this team is how complete they look on both offense and defense,plus when you have guys like Roy Hibbert and Paul George and you’re about to get better with Granger coming back, I think the rest of the league is taking notice on how good this team can be and is getting and I am not saying I feel validated after eight games on my preseason pick,but so far, it is looking pretty good.

If the Sacramento Kings want to keep fans interested, they need to start winning.Kings

Their season started with a bang, a 90-88 win at home against Denver,but since then they have lost five straight, their last loss was to Portland on Saturday night by a score of 96-85.

Coach Michael Malone has said he is making significant adjustments to the starting line-up, with the lone exception being DeMarcus Cousins. Reserves like Luc Mbah a Moute and Jimmer Fredette could be in the starting line-up for their next game on Wednesday at home against Brooklyn.

While I think a team needs consistency,especially in the starting line-up, it is not a bad move by Malone to shake things up a little.

There are 12 guys on this roster that need to earn their keep and their playing time,and if this gets the team back to winning games and fans in the seats, so be it because the last few games have not been sellouts like ownership had hoped. I hate when fans lose interest because the team is not doing well,but that is unfortunately how it goes.


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