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Sometimes, when it comes to success, it takes time

OilersSome of the biggest crybabies I have encountered when it comes to sports fans are the ones of my favorite hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers.

Before the 2013-14 season began hopes of a playoff return were high as the team acquired many talented players like Andrew Ference and David Perron. Combine the young talent the Oilers have in Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall,and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and you have the making of building for success. Well, that has not happened thus far as the Oilers are 4-12-2 in the dawn of this season, the latest loss was against the Flyers on Saturday losing 4-2 in Phildelphia. With the lack of defense and adequate goaltending combined with injuries to Hall,Ference,and Perron, the promise of a playoff berth has become more out of reach and fans have once again become restless, and it is getting old.

As an Oilers fan I am getting pretty god damn sick of the whining over every loss, over how every move the team is trying to make is never good enough and how much ownership and management sucks. Christ, even when they win games things still aren’t good enough for you. I understand, the constant losing every year is not fun. I hate it,too. It sucks and it is downright depressing at

The season is not faring as hoped for David Perron and the Oilers. They currently sit at 4-12-2.

The season is not faring as hoped for David Perron and the Oilers. They currently sit at 4-12-2.

times. But here is the difference between me and other Oilers fans: You aren’t seeing me whining over every loss and how every move the team is trying to make to get better isn’t good enough. I mean seriously,what move would be good enough? Getting Sidney Crosby? Because that’s not fucking happening! You people have been way too spoiled with the five Stanley Cups your team won over 20 years ago and those days are not coming back right now. 

I know that things are not going as hoped right now, but the season is far from over. There is still some time to salvage what is left of this season. Even if the team fails to make the postseason (which they probably will), they could finish this year with something prove for 2014-15. Success does not always happen overnight,it takes time. For some teams,it takes time for players to grow, to learn,and with that comes a lot of losing. But you have to lose a little bit before you learn how to win. Another thing to keep in mind is that a bunch of the players on this team are still kids and I think the veterans around them need to do a better job in terms of leadership to show these young guns the way.

So,Oilers fans,do me a small favor. Stop whining about how bad the last trade was, stop asking for Kevin Lowe to step down, and have a few more glasses of patience because clearly, you need a refill on that.


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