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Reviewing the New Phoenix Suns Uniforms


For the first time since 2000, the Phoenix Suns are getting new uniforms. Gone are their purple,gray,and orange sets and in are their new purple,black,and orange sets.

These uniforms are inspired by two sets of uniforms from their past. The sunburst logo on the shorts is reminiscent of their original uniforms worn from 1968-92 and the diagonal wordmark on all three sets reminds us of the set they wore from 1992-2000 (which to me are the best uniforms they have ever had).

The white home set has an orange SUNS wordmark with a black number on the front and back. The player name is written in orange. Their purple away set has PHOENIX in white with the orange number on both sides. The player name is also written in orange. The orange alternate is a sleeved jersey has SUNS written across the front with a black number on the front and back. It is unknown from pictures what color the name is written on the back,I am assuming it is black. On the sleeves is the team’s alternate logo.

On the front of the jersey is something called “speed lines”, the appear to the left of the number. There are nine of them,each one representing the team’s nine Ring of Honor inductees.

These ones are not great to me and not bad to me. I see where they are going with these,but to be honest,I feel something is missing with them. Also, if you’ve read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll know how much I have hated this trend of sleeved jerseys. The Warriors have been doing this and they look absolutely fucking terrible. Oh,and spoiler alert, three more teams are introducing sleeved jerseys. Lucky us!
I think what the Suns need to do is tweak the uniforms they wore from 1992-2000 and they will be set for the rest of their existence. No need to re-invent the wheel here.

Thumbs Down!JLDThumbsDown


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