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So far, 2013 has been a Giant disappointment

GiantsIf anyone has watched the San Francisco Giants play baseball lately, the last thing the team has had is the look of a team that won the World Series the year prior.

Currently, the Giants are 39-46 and in last place in the National League West (five and a half games out of first place), their worst record at this point of the season since 2008 (where they went 37-48). This squad has looked to be dead in the water since June where they only won 10 games. They have only won 16 games since May 14.

In many ways the 2013 San Francisco Giants look much like the 2011 version. A banged up, mentally and physically fatigued squad with a stale offense. The only difference between 2011 and 2013 is that,for a while, the Giants were still in the race for at least the division crown until September. Since June, they have fallen very flat and it may be about over if things don’t improve.

It isn’t enough that the team is in a weak division at the moment because everyone else is getting better, the Giants aren’t. The team is doing absolutely nothing different to turn the season around, and results like last night’s 10-2 loss to their hated rivals, the Dodgers, Homer Bailey’s no-hitter on Tuesday, and the shortened game on Monday where their asses were kicked 8-1 against the Reds make this team look absolutely bad. And who the hell thought it was a great idea to bring Mike Kickham back up to start? He is not ready to be a starting pitcher in the major leagues and may never be. That ERA of over 14 should be visual proof of that.

What can the Giants do to turn things around? Well, a midseason trade wouldn’t hurt. Perhaps for a Ricky Nolasco or even Giancarlo Stanton from Miami? The Marlins love giving away players that are good and the Giants might be buyers. I also think patience at the plate is key for the offense to improve. Also,injured players such as Ryan Vogelsong and Angel Pagan will come back as the season goes on,so there are glimmers of hope.

I haven’t given up on this season yet,but if something doesn’t give and this team doesn’t get better, this season is merely a lost one,and for a fan base that loves this team, that’s not fun.

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