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There are some things I will never understand, Friday was one of those days

During a break in training for my new job in Sacramento, I went over to the adjacent gas station and got something to eat and drink. When I came back, I logged on to my mobile Facebook and saw a link my friend Gary has posted on my news feed. I clicked it and informed my classmates who were outside with me the grim news of an elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn. (some 50 miles southwest of Hartford) where,as of press time, 20 students lost their lives and seven adults, including the gunman in the incident.

Twenty students and seven adults died in Friday's shooting at Shady Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

Twenty students and seven adults died in Friday’s shooting at Shady Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

As the day went on I would check and see if any new developments came to light and of course I saw the condolences offered from many of my friends. I also saw people suggesting that if the kids at that school were armed or even the teachers or other faculty that this would have been less likely to happen. Those are two awful statements if I’ve ever seen them. Really? You want to have kindergartners in the presence of a firearm owned by a teacher? That’s an accident waiting to happen right there,folks! 

Let me say this right now-what I believe should be done about guns in our country won’t matter to any of you and if it does,shame on you. Go ahead and send me your hate mail if you want, I’ll read it,but I’m not going to respond to it, nor am I obligated to.

The real story is that we are 10 days from Christmas and these families will suffer greatly just having their children taken away too soon. These kids had everything in front of them and so much to live for and it was taken by a man whose motive for doing it we’ll never know. When we were let out of training Friday, I thought about my young cousins who are of the age of most of the children lost in yesterday’s shooting and how devastated I would have been had they been a victim. I also thought about the fact that this could happen anywhere at any time,even in my little town. I hope it never does,not here or anywhere.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the events of Friday, it’s that we as a society have the ability to make sure something like this doesn’t happen anymore. The only trouble with that is that so many of our differences we have with one another these days over the pettiest of things will prevent us from doing so. 

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