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The Things That Need to Go in 2013, Part Six


Well,this is it! The Final 10! We’ve covered 90 other items on the list and we are now at our grand finale! Here’s Number 10…


10. Hashtags on Facebook

Twitter has their schtick of putting hashtags on things. Facebook doesn’t. I get that some things from either Twitter or Instagram have hashtags already, but to post original Facebook statuses with hashtags attached is dumb. It just tells you that you’re more suited for Twitter, so go get a twitter account instead.


Westboro9. The Westboro Baptist Church

These people are part of the reason why I am not very religious, though it can be argued by people who count themselves as devout Christians that they don’t speak for Christianity.

I saw some of them outside a shopping mall in Sacramento on a corner with signs spewing their usual hatred and it’s just not warranted. These people use religion as a vehicle to promote whatever hateful message they have and honestly,we don’t need people like this around. I think they’re close to being a terrorist organization if you ask me.

checkstands8. People who use their phones at the checkstand

Though I’m no longer a checker in a grocery store, I do know that checkers hate this. When someone has gotten to the checkstand and is being checked out and they are on the phone. That’s annoying. First,it prevents the checker or cashier from doing their job properly. They can’t greet you or even ask if you’ve found what you needed because if you haven’t,maybe they can be of assistance.

My remedy for this was to talk to the courtesy clerk if one was helping me bag their items and then the person on the phone got off and apologize for their ignorance,but not everyone is a genius like me and they just take it.

Folks,have some common courtesy, tell the person on the phone that you will call them back when you’ve left the store.

7. People who throw their gum on the groundgumonground

This maybe happens to me about seven or eight times a year. I will be walking somewhere and all of a sudden something colorful is stuck to my shoe. It’s gum.

Why do people continue to either throw or spit their gum on the ground? It’s pretty damn annoying when you’ve got to stop everything and scrape it off your shoe somehow. Yeah,that’s exactly what I want to do, take something that was once in someone’s mouth and pull it from my shoe.

Oh,and sometimes it will be in a seat in a movie theater. And yes,this happened to me in 2003 at 2 Fast 2 Furious.

NWord6. The N-Word

In my nearly 31 years of life, I’ve never heard a more offensive or hateful word than the N-word. It’s hurtful,degrading and shouldn’t be used by anyone. So why in this day and age is it still being used?

Did we not learn anything from the Michael Richards incident? (Google it!)

And by the way, it doesn’t matter what color you are, the word is still the same and it doesn’t do any good to use it. I recently barked at someone for using it on social media. I just don’t think the word has any place in our society and it honestly never did.

5. Eyeglasses from the 1990s that are daring to make a comebackDavid Letterman

2012: 2 2011:2

I really didn’t want this to slip, in fact,it might have been #1 this year had it not been for other items just being better, but it is where it is and that is that.

I very much dislike these bigger eyeglasses that are slowly but surely becoming more prominent. The styles we have had the last ten years or so have been really cool. I like the small,rectangular glasses that we’ve had to put on our face. They’ve probably been the biggest reason why I haven’t had contact lenses.

Some things should stay in the 1980s and 1990s, enormous glasses are one of those things and you need to look no further than old photos of people who wore them back then. If this trend continues and big eyeglasses are all we have to choose from, I may have to get contacts or find frames similar to the ones I have now on eBay or something. I would look absolutely horrible in big eyewear and everyone who knows me well enough agrees.

Purple is NOT a Giants color!

Purple is NOT a Giants color!

4. CATCH-ALL: People who buy a hat of a team they don’t root for because they like the hat and Hats with colors of another team and Leaving stickers and tags on hats that get worn

2012: 6

Why do people still do this? They’re fans of a team but will wear the hat of another because they “like the hat”. It’s amazing to see so many people wearing Washington Nationals or Pittsburgh Pirates hats and not know who one player is on the team.

I think this practice should be more frowned upon than it usually is. I am a Giants fan, I will never,under any circumstance, wear another team’s gear. Ever. I have a favorite team and I will wear their gear and only their gear because that is what real fans do.

Also,those hats should carry the team’s colors and only the team’s colors. There is no need for purple A’s hats or blue Giants hats. Neither team wears those colors at all. If you want an A’s hat,it better be green and gold and if you want a Giants hat, it better have black and orange on it. The only exceptions are special event hats (EX: Ring ceremony hats or Fourth of July hats) because the team did wear those hats.

And would you people please take the stickers and tags off of your hat? It looks ugly with all that crap on there.


2012: 1 2011:13

The thing that was tops on our list last year is #3 on our list this year.

Look,I think it’s great that people want to help others in countries get shoes if they don’t have access to them, but can’t they be better looking? And can’t they be of better quality? I’ve seen how fast these things fall apart on people. Yikes! Way to spend all that money for next to no quality. That’s awesome!

I still maintain to this day that if the gimmick of One for One wasn’t attached to these shoes, next to nobody would wear them. I also maintain that this fad will die in the next couple years. If not, expect to see this back on the list for 2014.

2. The Tim Tebow phenomenonTebow

Look, I don’t hate Tim Tebow at all. In fact,I’m sure he is a nice person away from the field and from what I have heard of him he is. However, he is getting way too much hype for being a guy who the Jets don’t even put on the field despite trading for him.

ESPN has spent way too much in Cortland,NY this year and it’s because of Tebow. Everyone thought he might take over Mark Sanchez’s job if the Jets were struggling enough. That has in fact happened and Tebow has yet to be given the keys. Even ESPN personalities have had enough of it and they work on ESPN!

I think everyone should just be over him already.

secede1. CATCH-ALL: People who claim they’re moving to another state/country/region if a certain candidate they didn’t vote for wins and Secessionists

2012: 24

There was no bigger bunch of babies this year than there were on November 6 when Barack Obama won reelection. People took to Twitter and Facebook and whined and not only bitched about it to no god damn end, they did something I’ve seen before. They threatened to move away.

“I’m moving to Canada”, “I’m moving to Australia”, “Texas,here I come!”

I’m going to peer into the future a little and predict that not only will you not move away,you’ll be in the same house,same job and whatnot you’ve always been in. You know how I know? Because people who share my political views said this kinda crap when George W. Bush was in office and they’re still living in the same area they did when making those statements.

Just because your candidate didn’t win gives you no reason whatsoever to uproot your life. Is a change of scenery really the answer because Mitt Romney isn’t President? I understand people move because they have better opportunities waiting for them there, but that’s not because we have a certain someone in office (or not in office).

I’ll believe you’re leaving because of Obama when you post pictures of your U-Haul on Facebook and the U-Haul has a sign on it saying”I’m really doing this,T.J., Up Yours!”

Also, to all the secessionists, it’s not 1861, enough with all this, you’re not going to secede. If you do, you’re new country will fail. Just sayin…

That’s it,that’s the list,or is it…?

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