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Odds & Ends-Volume 22

It’s been nearly four years since Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said that the league was “reviewing” the Oakland A’s current hope of moving to San Jose.

In a press conference on Thursday, Selig was asked for an update on the “review” and he responded in this way:

“Yeah, I’d feel very badly if you didn’t ask it. You aren’t going to get a fucking answer.”

Selig then added that there was nothing new to report on the ongoing matter which seems to be going on longer than it should. Other than Selig’s poor initial response,of course there is nothing new to report because nobody seems to be doing absolutely anything about it.

As a Giants fan I don’t want to see the A’s in San Jose because it does take away from the team’s fan base and overall dominance in the area. Setting my Giants bias aside, there’s no question the Athletics need a new ballpark. Where it’s going to be is anyone’s guess. It really is unfair to them because they know in order to realistically compete they need a new stadium (unless of course you’re the Marlins and you have a giant fire sale in Canada,but that column was already written) and the commissioner’s office is doing nothing and continuing to do nothing about the situation. Maybe they should put some shovels in the ground to see if Selig notices, if he doesn’t,build away!

Houston Rockets rookie forward Royce White in my opinion has some growing up to do. White,21, who played at Iowa State is dealing with an anxiety disorder and has yet to play in a game this season. Rockets management says they are committed to helping him and his long term success. White says that help has been “Inconsistent” and has been absent from the team since the dispute began.

I think the Rockets have done more than enough to try and help him and it appears to me that White may not be doing enough to help himself. People can give you all the help they can and maybe even more than that but it’s up to the person being helped to not only accept the help but to make changes themselves. We all have our problems in life and we all have to deal with them the best way we know how, White must do the same and right now he isn’t doing the best job of it.

If this kid wants to succeed in this league, he better grow up or else he will be shown the door. It’s that simple!

Unless you’re one of the 18,000 Hostess workers who are now out of a job due to the company closing on Friday (or part of the family of one), you should probably chill. Too many Facebook status updates were based on the company closing its doors and the inevitable liquidation of its assets and the future of the Twinkie. First off, Twinkies are gross unless there is chocolate in them. Secondly, the brand is going to live on when some other company buys it. So some of, if not all of your favorite treats like Ho-Ho’s and Cupcakes with the white swirl on them will live on. CHILL!!!

Do you know how I know this? Because when Mother’s Cookies went bye-bye in 2008 I went through the same hysteria. Where the hell was I going to get my Circus Animal cookie fix? It turns out the cookies would come back when another company bought the rights to make them and all was right with the world. It’s going to be okay,folks. The cookies and other snack treats your dentists don’t want you to have will be back. Wow,it really is November of an election year because everybody’s got to find something to bitch about.

Another reason I know this is because I watch the fucking news. Maybe you should,too!

Thursday is Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday. How can you not only have food but also football on the same day? Two of my favorite things coming together. I am very fortunate to not have to work on that day for the sixth year in a row despite being in an industry that demands you do so. I’m thankful for a lot. First and foremost are my wonderful and supportive family as well as the best friends a guy could ask for. I’m also thankful that I get to come to you in print and on radio to give out my opinions about the sports we love and to talk sports with you as well. It’s a lot of fun and I hope to do this as long as the engine for it is running.

I hope all of you out there have a wonderful holiday, get enough to eat,and spend some time with the people who you love and care about.

By the way, you can catch me and my friend DJ Mappquest on Sports Madness, this Tuesday from 6-7pm Pacific Time on, Sacramento State Student Radio.


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