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Odds & Ends-Volume Seven

Major League Baseball announced on Wednesday that San Francisco and AT&T Park will be host to the World Baseball Classic semifinals in the spring of 2013. I for one am excited that it is coming to this area. I think Major League Baseball has chosen a great venue for it. AT&T Park is one of those places where once you’re there you can’t believe that you are because it’s such a great place to watch a game and the atmosphere is nothing short of electric.

I think the World Baseball Classic is a great event now that we no longer have Baseball in the Olympics. Baseball should be played between nations somehow and I think the World Baseball Classic is a great substitute. Not only that but you get to see some of the most talented players in this tournament playing for their homelands to see which country has the best players and the best team.

Yes this event is in its infancy but if it is kept going, it could be as big as the World Cup is internationally. I would love to see the World Baseball Classic at AT&T Park if provided the chance.

Giants fans are up in arms after getting swept by the Dodgers this weekend. Los Angeles and San Francisco are now tied atop the National League West and fans of the black and orange are puzzled,worried sick,and in panic mode.

Look, I know this looks bad,Giants fans, and it’s made me sick as well knowing the Dodgers are back in the hunt for the division, but there is still a lot of season left, the New York Mets are in town and haven’t been playing well lately, and this team does have the goods both with the bats and the pitching. Pablo Sandoval will be back soon and maybe the team is just missing him a little more than they should which proves the value of him to this team. Acquiring Hanley Ramirez isn’t going to solve everything for the Dodgers, I really believe that,fans. So let’s agree not to hit the panic button just yet, they can do this, I mean they did in 2010,right?

As far as getting Marco Scutaro goes, I’m confused. Huh? Why?

OK,someone answer this question for me: How do the Steelers NOT pay Mike Wallace but they do pay Antonio Brown?

On Friday, the Steelers and Brown agreed to a $42.5 million deal over five years while Wallace, the more talented receiver, is still without a new deal. While I do think Brown is a talented young player, Wallace is a more explosive player that in my view is the AFC’s version of DeSean Jackson. Jackson ended up getting paid this offseason despite visibly quitting on the Eagles last season. I hope it doesn’t get to that point with Wallace and the Steelers. I think he does deserve a new deal and definitely thought he’d get one before Brown, I just hope he doesn’t go the way of Santonio Holmes.

While the 2012 Team USA men’s basketball team may not be better than the 1992 Dream Team, they are looking good on getting to the ultimate goal, another gold medal as they won their opening game against France 98-71 on Sunday. Kevin Durant led Team USA with 22 points. While they looked a little sloppy and got into foul trouble in the first half, they did look a lot better in the second half and put Tony Parker and France away.

Magic,Larry,MJ,and Chuck they aren’t,but they are still pretty good. I really like this team’s chances to win gold a great deal, I think they can be greater than the 2008 team which was a great team in its own right. Their deep bench, great defense, stellar shooting and a great coach in Mike Krzyzewski are truly the key to win gold in London.

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  1. Remember that part of the issue could be that after week seven last year Mike Wallace never had another 100 yard receiving game and only score in 2 of the remaining 9 games. Antonio Brown came on really strong the second half of the season.

    The Steelers have always seemed to have a zero tolerance to players that hold out and complain. Besides and before Santonio Holmes the same thing happened with Burress…

    • True,but I really like the guy. He is such a great talent and if the Steelers don’t value him, it’s a shame to me.

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