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Pay attention,this might be enjoyable!

I am a big time fan of Yahoo! Answers and I like to answer questions in my spare time. Yesterday, I came across a question from a man who asked why people who wear glasses enjoy getting a new pair. He also asked why going to a doctor and then trying on uncomfortable glasses was considered fun and questioned the idea of getting new glasses being fun. I was pretty surprised that he was not happy about the experience. In any case, I decided to offer my thoughts.

Here was my answer to his question:

“Why do I enjoy it? Because it gives me a chance to update my look and have something different every year or two. Also,my glasses are not ugly or uncomfortable. I actually find mine to complete my look and make me look very good. I’m actually uncomfortable if I’m NOT wearing them.
You may not find it to be fun and that’s your cross to bear, but for me, if I’m going to have bad eyes and need to wear glasses to correct my vision, I can have fun with it and make the best of the situation.”

Are you kidding? I love getting new glasses every time the need comes along for me to do so. I’ve worn them for 12 years and if you’ve worn them as long as I have (or long enough), you’ll know that after a while, you get sick of the pair that you’re wearing and want something new. Over time glasses get bent, scratched, need adjusting, go out of style,etc. and once any of those things happen, it’s time to get a new pair. I had to get new ones back in March after my prescription changed seven months prior (insurance reasons prevented me from getting them right away) and also my old pair didn’t fit my head anymore. When March came and I got them, I was ridiculously happy. I even got the Transitions lenses in them so that they went dark when I go outside and I’m quite pleased with them.

The only thing that bugs the hell out of me is that damn headache you get upon getting a new pair of glasses. The last five pairs of glasses I have had to get have brought me a headache upon arrival. I know they only last a couple days, but they’re still headaches and headaches suck.

That’s fine that the question asker feels that way about his view of the process not being fun and in a way I understand it. However, I feel differently.

Also, if my readers are saying to themselves “He writes about glasses way too much!”, you’re probably right and on some level I offer my apologies. But I’m a geek, I can’t help it.

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