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The Worst Commercials on Television Right Now Volume II

We haven’t done this list in a while, but it’s just a short list of some of the worst advertisements on TV that are out there.They have to have aired in the last couple of months to make the list. So without further adieu, we will move on with the list.

5. Kia Hamstars
These commercials were cool when they were jamming in the car going front,back,side to side. But now they’re dancing to LMFAO’s high popular overplayed hit song “Party Rock Anthem” and it’s just gotten old,yo! Let’s have Blake Griffin jump over another one in a rigged Slam Dunk contest instead. That’ll grab viewers!

4. State Farm with Jerry Newman
For the guy crying over switching from State Farm alone this commercial is bad plus he’s a terrible driver. “I miss you Jessica!” Get over it and get your car down from that pole, you’re blocking traffic!

3. Verizon’s Little Susie’s Lemonade Stand Commercial
This commercial features that bossy little eight year old Susie and her mega corporation selling lemonade. I cannot stand her at all and how condescending she is, I think maybe because it hits so close to home. I have had bosses like her in the past (and probably now) and I did not like working for them and anyone who has to work for someone like Susie, I feel for you. Plus, this commercial is unrealistic. No eight year old outside of Macaulay Culkin can be that successful in life.

2. T-Mobile Alter Ego Commercial
It’s not that the commercial is badly produced or anything,it’s that nobody consulted me to ask if I was okay with the change. I’m not. I like my T-Mobile spokeswomen in pink dresses and pink shoes, not riding motorcycles and looking like Sydney Bristow from Alias (Google it,kids!). When I saw this commercial, I got a bit sad. Is this a forever change? If so, I can’t stand by this. Not everyone is okay with change and I am no different and quite frankly I think T-Mobile has jumped the shark (Google it,kids!) and the only way back to shore is to get her back in her pink attire ASAP.

1, Stanton Optical
Every weekday morning, I am cursed with having to watch these commercials for Stanton Optical. What the hell do glasses have to do with karate? And by the way, that isn’t how glasses are duplicated. I just can’t stand these commercials and Stanton really needs to go back to the drawing board with their advertising strategy because for me it doesn’t work.

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