T.J.’s Pigskin Picks-Divisional Playoffs

Well, going 2-2 this week means you’re willing to think

outside the box. I think it may be time to play it safe, how

about you?


Saturday, Jan. 14

3.5 New Orleans 27, @San Francisco 24

13.5 @New England 44, Denver 31

Sunday, Jan. 15

7.5 @Baltimore 30, Houston 20

7.5 @Green Bay 32, N.Y. Giants 21

Enjoy the games!

One thought on “T.J.’s Pigskin Picks-Divisional Playoffs

  1. Denver 31 points?! That is generous. Though it is possible if Tebow plays like he did this past weekend.

    I think N.O. vs. S.F. will be something like 35 – 31 N.O. over S.F.

    And G.B. 45, N.Y. 38. But I dunno. I just think it will be high scoring.

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