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Think about all the hell I’ve gone through first

I love how there are fans out there that feel like I’m picking on them when some of them haven’t experienced the kind of hell I’ve experienced in my decade and a half as a New England Patriots fan. I’d like to share some of that hell with you right now.

During the Patriots’ 2007 season where they almost went 19-0, I had multiple acts of vandalism happen to the car I had just bought. In October of that year, someone wrote on the body of my car with their finger “Patriots Suck” and other items. A week before Christmas that year, somebody stole my back license plate, I am not sure if it was related to any Patriots hatred, but they could have at least let me keep my New England Patriots license plate bracket.

My sister was nice enough to replace my plate bracket and got me a nice Patriots window sticker for Christmas. Soon after that, someone decided to throw human feces on back window on that sticker and two months after the Patriots loss in Super Bowl XLII (Up yours,Eli Manning!), someone decided to egg my car. That’s when I said enough was enough and I removed the sticker and my plate bracket because I was tried of my car being a constant target of vandalism. I was also worried that it would excel to more than that. What if someone decided to throw rocks through my windows or set it on fire?

I understand if someone doesn’t like my team,but to have someone vandalize something you cherish and worked hard to get is an awful thing. It’s even more amazing when they physically try and harm you. When I went to the 49ers-Patriots game in October 2008, one person tried to nail me with an empty water bottle in the third quarter and other fans tried throwing rocks at me in the parking lot afterwards. Stay classy, San Francisco!

And not to mention all the people who have verbally abused me and told me how rotten of a person I am because of the team I root for. That actually happened to me one day in 2007 when I was at my workplace at the time paying for a bouquet of balloons that our wonderful floral manager was nice enough to order for me for an event I was going to where I was being honored. That person’s comments didn’t bother me that day because nothing negative anyone would say was going to. But it’s comments like those that turn people into monsters. It got to a point where I would refuse to serve customers who constantly harassed me and may have contributed to the reason I decided to leave that job, a decision I have since regretted.

Things got so bad for me that I couldn’t even wear my Patriots gear out in public for a very long time because I didn’t want to be harassed about being a Patriots fan or even physically harmed. I won’t say that time has healed wounds for people,but I do wear my gear again and I don’t feel threatened as I once did. I’m still a fan through it all,though. Why you ask? Because you’ll go through anything for the love of your team. Isn’t that what being a fan is all about?

I’m not sure what to say here. I know that people have been and are offended by what I said but when I give an opinion on something, it comes openly and honestly and shouldn’t be something I should apologize for. Before anyone thinks I am picking on them period, maybe you should remember all the hell I’ve gone through as a fan. It’s much worse than your hell.

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  1. Yeah,that is a true story. I went outside to go to work and found human feces on my back window. So I went to go drag the hose out to the end of the driveway as not not touch this with my hands and sprayed it off my car and went on my way.

    And I do think about the titles they’ve won, they lead the way in 21st century Super Bowl wins,something no Bay Area football fan can claim.

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