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Explaining myself is hard to do,but it has to be done

Let’s get one thing straight, I do not hate the San Francisco 49ers. But I’m starting to hate the way fans want the so-called “haters” to give them respect all of a sudden because their team is 5-1.

I was always taught that in life,respect had to be earned. It is never given,folks, remember that. I don’t ask fans of other teams to respect my team because they’re good,too. I truly don’t care how other fans feel about my team. Also, many NFL analysts such as Tedy Bruschi and Tony Dungy have given quite a lot of love, and Bruschi played and Dungy coached the game very effectively.

Now I want to take some time to clarify some things I have said about the 49ers as of late,mainly on my Facebook page:

“I love all the bandwagon fans coming from nowhere sporting 49ers jerseys. Where were these people the last nine years?”

I asked this because I really want to know. Lately I have seen more people wearing red and gold than in year’s past and in my view, it’s because of their fast 5-1 start. If they were 0-6, chances are I wouldn’t see as many of those red and gold jerseys. I’m just wondering where a lot of these fans were when this team was terrible the nine seasons prior to this one. Were they always fans or did they become fans again this year because they started winning again? I’m just curious!

Do I think there are bandwagon 49ers fans? Absolutely. But it happens to other teams as well once they become successful again. Think about how many fans become fans of a team once they win a Super Bowl and then don’t stay with that team if they can’t sustain the success of their Super Bowl year. It happens quite a bit and in my view, the 49ers are getting some bandwagon people at the moment.

“I’m just sad that the days of futility are over. I was enjoying it for the longest time.”

I was only joking here. I’m happy for the team’s success. It’s not enjoyable hearing about a team that sucks year in and year out. I know I’ve been happier for the Detroit Lions, but think about how long their fans have been suffering. The Lions have won only one playoff game in the last 54 seasons. The 49ers have won five Super Bowls in that time. I feel less sorry for fans in that regard when the Lions (and their fans) have had little to cheer about the last half century, especially in the hard economic times the people of Michigan have seen lately. Also, the Lions last made the playoffs in 1999 and it would be neat to see both teams in the NFC playoffs this year.

“It took Alex Smith only seven years to be a real NFL player.”

You can place all the blame on him having too many coaches in his time with the 49ers all you want, but in the end, the player has to take blame as well into his lackluster career as well. He’s gotten it straight now,but how much of that is Jim Harbaugh’s doing? I’d say a lot of it. I’d like to see if he could be the same player on a different team.

“49ers fans only show up when convenient. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

I had someone take offense to this and I meant to say they cheer when convenient. Fans do show up to games, I’ve been to four 49ers games and they’ve all been sellouts. The last game I went to in 2008 was against the Patriots. The game was close pretty much throughout. In the first quarter, fans were cheering and screaming whenever the 49ers made great plays on offense and defense. However, by the third quarter when the game was still within reach at 24-14, fans were taken out of the game and seemed bored in a time when the 49ers could have used the crowd’s energy. Many teams feed off of that, and it seems like the 49ers did on that day as they lost 30-21. I know the team wasn’t very good back then, but cheer for your team when they still have a chance to win. If they were down 30-7, then the quietness of the crowd is warranted, not when you’re only down ten points.

When I say I’ve seen it firsthand, I mean it. I wouldn’t write it if it wasn’t true.

I do think the 49ers have a lot of passionate fans, they probably wouldn’t have won five Super Bowls without the support of the fans and their energy. And it seems like the energy hasn’t been there the last few years and is all of sudden coming back because they’re good again.

I’m happy for your 49ers and their success, I know I haven’t been very supportive of them yet. I just wanted to see if they were for real. It took me a while, but I know that they are. I wanted to see how they would do against Tampa Bay and Detroit before I declared them for real. Well they passed the test. With the exception of the classless handshake between Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers have my respect. They still have two tests with the Ravens and the Steelers, but as far them making the playoffs, it’s looking good.

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