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Bruno deserves a second chance

I guess it is time for me to offer my thoughts about what happened with Tony Bruno at the end of last week.
First off, I am going to come out and say it: I am a fan of Tony Bruno. I really love the way the guy talks sports and interacts with his audience. He keeps things fresh with his show and he really makes sports talk radio fun and exciting to listen to,but beyond that, he has a youthful spirit which I admire and have displayed myself.
I do,however, feel that his comments on Twitter regarding Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez and his legal status in this country were awful. As a result, Bruno has been suspended for one week by his employer,DirecTV and it’s undetermined if any further discipline will come his way as his current contract is up next month. Bruno took down the tweet after it was up for about a minute after realizing what he said. Due to the nature of what he said, I will not repeat what he said.
Bruno did apologize for what he said on his Facebook page the following day,which can be seen here
I will say that having listened to him on radio for a few years now,whether it be on his night time show or his appearances with Gary Radnich on KNBR, which were recently canceled last week after 16 years (as mentioned last week), that I really believe he is not a racist nor do I think he really meant what he said. 
Every single one of us has said something we wish we didn’t and could take back. I know I have done so many times in nearly three decades on this planet and so have you. I have learned that as long as you’re sorry about what you said and your apology is genuine and sincere, people will forgive you and stand by you. I don’t know what will happen to Bruno after this incident, I hope he can clear the air with his audience and hope that time will heal all wounds and that he can earn forgiveness from people who were hurt by what he said.
As a big fan of his, my hope is that people will forgive him for what was clearly a mistake that shouldn’t have been made. We are a country that gives people second chances and Bruno should get his.

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