If they came here, I wouldn’t switch!

Having heard the rumor that the Oakland A’s may move to Sacramento one day since the day Raley Field opened, I’ve been asked if they moved here would I become a fan. My reply has always been No. Why you ask? I am not an A’s fan. If you are,great, but the Sacramento A’s would not win me over just because they played in my hometown. The A’s will probably move to San Jose anyways.

Every area with two teams has a sexier team. In Chicago, it’s the Cubs. In Los Angeles, it’s the Dodgers (though the Angels are a close second). And in New York, it’s the Yankees. In the Bay Area, it’s the Giants.

I’ve been a Giants fan as long as I can remember and for the record, I’m NOT, I repeat NOT a bandwagon fan. Ask any of my friends, they will tell you how legit of a fan I am. Even without the World Series title, they have always been the sexier team in the Bay Area in terms of the city they are in, the state-of-the-art stadium they have played in for over 11 seasons, the media coverage they get,the fact that they welcome their Hall-of-Fame players back )and other players who have contributed greatly to the team), the great broadcasters they have had throughout their time here,plus many more.

The A’s have not appealed to me to much at all. The Coliseum is a pit, they never sell out or try very hard to do so. They also trade out their roster quite a bit and in the process fans are not sure who to root for. Why even buy an Oakland A’s players jersey? That player will probably be traded out before you remove the price tags from it. The broadcasters really put me to sleep and are anything but exciting. Also,I don’t even know where to find their games on radio, either in Oakland or Sacramento. I’ve known my entire life that the Giants are on KNBR. If fans don’t know where to find your games, chances are they may not tune in.

Should the A’s ever move here, which would only happen if efforts to get a new stadium in Oakland or San Jose ever fell apart, I am sure a lot of people would be fans and they would sell out game after game, even I would go out to the stadium to watch games…in my bright orange Giants jersey to watch the Giants play them in the Battle of Nor-Cal. That’s as far as I would go. To me, one rule applies to fans, if you root for a team, you should stick with them,even if a new one moves into your hometown. I have to follow that rule,too. Go Giants!

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