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Gilbert,Cleveland need to let it go and move on

He may say he’s over losing him, but his actions say otherwise.

Four months after LeBron James announced on live national television that he would be spend his foreseeable future playing with the Miami Heat; Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has announced his hiring of a Midwestern law firm to investigate the circumstances for James’ departure.

According to sources at Yahoo!, Gilbert is willing to spare no expense as to what kind of evidence he can find that confirm his tampering theory. Among this evidence includes a supposed meeting in November 2009 that took place with James and Miami Heat president Pat Riley.

Really? Is he serious?

“I’m over it,” he said. “I really am. That’s the truth. I let it all out in about 24 hours. I just think we have such a great core and a great coaching staff. We have a lot of opportunities with the trade exception and the draft. I feel good about this team.”

If you’re really over it, Mr. Gilbert, then why are you investigating the reasons why James, who was a free agent who could sign with any team he wished, decided to play for the Miami Heat? It doesn’t seem like you are over it. It seems like continued sour grapes that you should have let go some time ago. I understand that losing the greatest player to ever play for your team in its 41-year existence had to be heartbreaking and a tough pill to swallow, but it’s time for not only you, but the city of Cleveland to move on as well.

It’s time for you and your team to focus on life without James. I agree, the way he left was outrageous, he broke your hearts, I understand the animosity towards him and you can have that, but I think the more important task at hand is how to make the Cleveland Cavaliers a good, competitive basketball team once again. Stop being such a poor sport and stop accusing the other team of tampering with your now ex-player. I have little belief that any tampering really happened and I doubt you’ll have few people who believe you outside of Northeastern Ohio.

The best thing for you and the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers is to start a new chapter. It looks like you’ve begun to do that by changing your uniforms a little and with your 7-10 record so far, it doesn’t seem like you’re as bad a team as the “experts” said you would be this season.

But please, Mr. Gilbert, stop beating a dead horse, it’s getting pretty sad, man!

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