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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate-Dressing Up Animals

Alright, when we did the installment about the Snuggie, I mentioned that this would come up soon, and here we are. This is something I’ve long been against.and it gets out of hand quite a bit. People dressing up animals. If you’re someone who does this,get ready to be offended.

Over the years, any time I’ve seen an animal in a hat or a sweater or even a damn Snuggie, I feel very bad for the animal because I know how bad it is and how humiliated they feel. Not only that, but you’re fixing what’s not already broken.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but many of these animals already have clothes on, it’s called their fur. And the people who do this, the apologists, for this practice keep telling me that it’s cute and they like it. I don’t think that they do. Your dog or cat is not a toy or a Barbie doll, they’re your pet. They look silly. And the main reason why I have written about this today is because the worst time to even think about dressing up your pet is upcoming, Halloween.

At just about any temporary Halloween store they have, there is a section for pets. Folks,I have some devastating news for you, your pets don’t eat candy, therefore they have no use to need a Halloween costume to go trick-or-treating. This is simply for your amusement. My siblings last Christmas placed a Santa hat on my cat,Ozzy and I was very livid. I wouldn’t open any more gifts until it was off of his head.

I’m not saying that anyone is a bad person for doing this, I am sure they love their pets as much as I do. I just think it’s an unnecessary thing to spend money on and do to your pet. Your pet is furry,and quite frankly,that’s enough.

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