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Why bother working hard if it doesn’t matter anyway?

Throughout my working life, which is now in its second decade, I’ve often felt and was under the impression that if you showed up to your job on time, did what was expected of you, and excelled at it, good things would happen for you. That was something I learned from my parents who have worked very hard their whole lives to make sure me and my three siblings were happy and healthy. I feel that putting in a hard day of work to the point where you need a shower because you did something to help is a healthy thing for a person.

I also thought that if you had enough seniority someplace and a position at work came open that you knew how to do and was qualified for, you’d have an advantage. Apparently I was mistaken. I guess a strong work ethic, four years in the industry, five and half years of experience behind a cash register, a 4.0 grade point average, having no violations or write-ups, and the ability to spell and count can only get you so far off the recommendation list for a promotion in the year 2010.

It gets pretty upsetting to know that ass kissing, slacking off on the job, and inexperience are what qualifies you for a promotion nowadays. I would do all these things if I knew how to in order to get to where I wanted to go as well, but I’m smarter and better than that and that kind of thing is really beneath me. It insults my intelligence when the people I work for turn to people who have less experience than I do and less seniority for the opportunity I’ve been wanting ever since my termination from another job almost two years ago. Here it is-my chance to get back to where I once was, and it’s going to someone else who has less experience at it than I do.

Not only is it maddening to see someone else take what should be yours, but it is also depressing and heartbreaking and in addition creates a hostile work environment. Why would anyone want to willingly help someone else out in their new position when you know in your mind and your heart that it should be yours? Aren’t you the one who has been there longer, put in the time, and even worked harder to be in line for that promotion?

There are rules in place where I work that if a position (or positions in this case) come open, a posting saying so is required to be in the breakroom for anyone who has enough seniority or desire for the position to have that chance until the position (or positions) have been filled. Also, those who have enough seniority are to be considered first for the position. This did not happen. This never occurred at my workplace, certain people were just chosen regardless of seniority or potential ability to do the job accurately and correctly. Now, at some places that aren’t union or don’t have rules of seniority, this is allowed, like when I was passed over again and again and again and again and again for a promotion to supervisor when I worked for Golfland Sunsplash in 2004. It finally took new management to arrive and my near departure for someone to offer me the promotion I deserved and waited for since my arrival there the previous summer.

I never thought I’d find myself in such a position like this again six years later, but nonetheless, here I am. Here I am just in disgust that no matter how hard I work, how hard I try, or how intelligent I am (on the job or in my school life), or even if I get a 4.5 grade point average next semester, that I have virtually no incentive to get what I want because I lack the ability to slurp the higher-ups. However, there is hope that fate will intervene and get me to where I need to be, whether it’s where I am at now, or elsewhere. Perhaps even at a familiar place I once called home. You never know.

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  1. As my major advisor told me at Sac State two weeks ago: “It’s not what you know. It’s not even who you know. It is who knows you.” That’s the secret to the work life.

    • And I get that,Josh. What’s lost here is that there are rules IN PLACE as part of the CBA that are supposed to stop things like this from happening and that is currently being broken and it’s NOT RIGHT. I’ve DONE the position, this was my actual job at one point in time during my life, and here I am not getting the chance. It should not matter who I know or who I don’t. This management team doesn’t even CARE to want to know who I am, they just care if I get a 10 on a mystery shop that I may or may not even be present for, they care nothing about my well being or my experience in the industry, and that’s not right and that needs to be recognized as a problem that needs correcting.

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