Ask T.J. Anything- July 2,2010

People always ask if you could have any ten people in the world, living or dead, for a dinner party who would you invite, but I ask what would you serve for dinner?

That’s easy. We’d have dishes with lots and lots of bacon in them. Bacon is great and is the candy bar of meats. For dessert, a nice cheesecake!

I went to the store to buy a pound of breakfast sausage and it was $4.79 per pound. Tri-tip steak was $3.99 per pound. What is wrong with this picture?

I think people love their pork products a lot more,that’s probably why it’s higher priced. I have noticed that as well and that’s the only theory I can come up with.

Why don’t commercials have cool jingles anymore? When I was a kid I could sing them all (My bologna has a first name…..)

Well,there are some out there,I just don’t think they’re that memorable because there’s 500 channels out there now and also they’re running out of ideas if I have to say so. My favorite now is the Empire Today at the end of the commercial, 800-588- Two Three Hundred… EMPIRE!!! Today! I also like the one above from the ’90s for the jingle,plus I didn’t know it was that easy for women to turn their heels into flats.

Being a world traveler, I have noticed a few things, South Africans are the best story tellers and Ukrainians make the best soups hands down, what have you noticed in your travels?

That the Rally’s in Fresno is a notable spot for picking up prostitutes. Whoa,man!

With all the talk about the World Cup has anyone noticed Wimbledon and the historic longest match ever with John Isner of the United States and France’s Nicolas Mahut?

I think so. It was talked about frequently on Thursday of last week. I know Keith Olbermann did an entire segment on it on his show and it was talked about a lot on ESPN so yeah,I think it was noticed pretty well.

Do you believe in the concept of “If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it”?

Absolutely. I do believe in that theory of not messing with things that already work. For me personally, it means to not take away the good things about you or the things that people like about you. Sometimes, if you make a change that you think is better and it ends up being worse, then you’ve got a problem. Yes, there are certain things that take time to get used to, but other times, you wish that change wasn’t made.

What’s ailing America?

The inability to do the right thing. Nobody can seem to do it anymore, even the people who are supposed to enforce the right thing to happen don’t do so. It’s why we had a such a terrible administration in charge for eight years who started two unnecessary wars, it’s why we have had oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico for the past two months and why nobody knows how to plug the god damn leak (Yes,I said god damn!), it’s why you have people going ahead of me for a promotion when I have more experience than they do. I mean,is it that hard to do the right thing? I don’t think so!

Do you like Flo from Progressive Insurance commercials?

I don’t. At first,it was a little funny,but now,it’s just annoying.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three albums would you want to have with you?

The Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
The Best of Earth,Wind,and Fire
Luther Vandross’ Greatest Hits

What’s the saddest movie you have ever seen?

I think one of them has to be Cast Away, Tom Hanks is gone for all that time and he comes back home and his wife is with someone else. That hella sucks!

Do you feel as patriotic as you used to?

I honestly don’t know. Patriotism means different things to different people.

Are you going to see Eclipse this weekend?

I will not. I have to work anyway, but I am just not a fan of all these movies. I just don’t get the hysteria about it or why you have to go see it at Midnight. There is no reason to go see a movie at Midnight because nothing good happens at,after,or near Midnight when you are out. Plus I read something on Yahoo! that this movie is tearing marriages apart because grown women are attracted to the actors in the movie and have become obsessed. Who does that? Who has time?

OK, that’s all for this week, send your questions in via , and we’ll see you next Friday!

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