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Why are sports fans behaving like this?

This past week has not been a banner one for sports fans being on their best behavior as many have demonstrated that the last place they belong is a sporting event.

In Philadelphia, a fan decided to dump popcorn on an injured Russell Westbrook as he was exiting the court through the tunnel in game two of the Wizards’ first round matchup against the 76ers. That fan has had his season tickets revoked and is banned from future events at Wells Fargo Center indefinitely.

In New York, two fans decided to spit on Hawks guard Trae Young in game two of that series between the Knicks and the aforementioned Hawks. Those fans have been banned from Madison Square Garden indefinitely and should,in my opinion,be arrested for doing such a thing to some during a pandemic,which we’re still in,by the way.

In Utah, three fans have been banned from Vivint Arena for heckling and harassing the family of Grizzlies guard Ja Morant. According to Morant’s dad, the trio were making lews and racist comments towards them. 

It’s not just the extracurricular behavior towards players and the families of them that have crossed a line,it’s behavior towards other fans that are just plain outrageous. Don’t believe me? Google all the fights between fans,both opposing fans and fans of the same team either in the stands or the parking lots,and you’ll see perfectly what I’m talking about. Here’s one below:

Now,is this a new phenomenon? Hardly! We’ve seen this in the past before and it gets resolved and life goes on, but I haven’t seen it like this where it’s happening more and more and we’re hearing about it and seeing it on television and on social media.

Why is it happening? I think we’re in a time now where people feel entitled and emboldened to behave however they want,whenever they want. These folks feel as if their actions won’t meet consequences and that’s far from true. I think fans need to start behaving themselves at events like this because honestly, you’re lucky to even get to go to a place like this after not having much of an opportunity last year for obvious reasons. Sure,you can boo players and all that, but when you’re spitting on them and dumping food on them as they’re en route to the locker room to get medical treatment, something’s gone wrong with you. 

I think,though,that there should be harsher penalties for behaving like this. I think if you do this at a sporting venue,you should not be welcomed back. Also,there should be criminal charges on the guys in Philadelphia and New York for what they did. If the threat of arrest and criminal charges aren’t enough to get people to stop doing this nonsense, I don’t know what else would work. I think it’s time that adults start behaving like adults at games. Stop being morons!

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