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Let’s enjoy the Kings’ success,not complain about it!

Coming into the 2018-19 NBA season the Sacramento Kings were expected by many to finish anywhere between 20-35 wins. As of press time,they have 24 going into today’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.

The team won 27 all of last season.

Fans should be ecstatic about the team’s success and a lot of them really are,myself included. However, there are a lot of fans out there who find ways to get down on the team. From calling for the firing of coach Dave Joerger whenever something doesn’t go right to calling for trading away (insert player here) to remarks about how the team should’ve drafted Luka Doncic to even hoping for the return of DeMarcus Cousins,who was traded away in 2017.


The Kings have an exciting young core of players with Buddy Hield,Bogdan Bogdanovic,and De’ Aaron Fox.


Now I know this isn’t every fan and how they feel,but a small portion of them and to be honest,it gets old fast. Yes, there are times when this team doesn’t play well and should be called out for it. I was unenthused when they weren’t able to draw any kind of foul when going to the basket when they played the Trail Blazers at home on New Year’s Day,but I wasn’t going off on social media about it. I really think that fans should really enjoy the success of this team. They’re four wins away from eclipsing last year’s win total. They’re 10 wins away from having their best record since Rick Adelman was coaching this team. They even have an outside chance of the postseason this season. When’s the last time we could get excited for such a prospect? It’s been a long time.

I,for one,am excited about how well this team has done and is doing this season. Watching their games has become appointment television again. I am even thinking of attending a game sometime soon. I’m excited for many reasons. For starters, it’s great seeing De’ Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield proving themselves to be one of the league’s premiere backcourts. I’m also happy to see players like Bogdan Bogdanovic really pump life into this team as well as seeing Justin Jackson becoming a good role player off the bench. Beyond that,the veteran presence of Yogi Ferrell and Iman Shumpert have been a welcome sight for this team as well as Nemenja Bjelica. Now,having said that, there are some changes I would like to see happen. First of all,we have to see Marvin Bagley get into the starting lineup. I think with Bjelica’s production waning in recent weeks that it’s time the rookie forward gets his place in the starting five. I like Bagley’s production and think that with more playing time and a bigger role,he will thrive in seasons to come.

I do think,however,that the clock on Willie Cauley-Stein’s time in Sacramento is winding down. As much as I liked the drafting of him four years ago,he’s been inconsistent and a liability at that position. I don’t think they’ll trade him at the deadline because I don’t think the return value is there. There are times when he’s playing really good,but more often than not,there are times when he doesn’t show up when the team needs him the most. I think the need for a more productive and prominent presence in the middle should be a high priority for the team in the offseason as well as some help on the wing.

Having said all that, let’s stop asking for coaches and general managers to be fired (except for that home wrecker Brandon Williams) and hoping that former players are coming back and let’s enjoy the success the team is having. Something great is happening here and there’s sure to be more of it to come in the near future.

Let’s Go Kings!

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