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Leftovers-The Things That Need to Go in 2019


Not everything could make our final cut of the list of The Things That Need to Go in 2019 and honestly mostly everything I wanted to make the final cut did. However,a select few were cut. Here are the Leftovers from this year’s countdown.

PizzaOrderingSneakersPizza-ordering sneakers

Pizza Hut unveiled their second edition of their Pie Tops,a shoe that lets you order their pizza without going online or picking up a phone.

The shoes come with buttons on their tongues that can be used a bit like keyboards. Press the button one foot to order pizza, and the button on the tongue of the other shoe to pause the game. The Pie Tops work using Bluetooth technology that connects the pizza button on the shoe to the Pizza Hut app on the user’s phone.

This didn’t make the list because while yes,it’s a stupid way to order pizza, I think it’s just a passing fad and a bad marketing ploy overall. Also,they were expensive at a cost of $1,000 per pair. Anyone wasting their money on these should probably rethink their priorities and taste in pizza.

BarbiefeetThe Barbie Feet pose

Earlier this year there was a minor trend called the “Barbie feet” pose where girls would pose like Barbie dolls in photos in order to make themselves look taller.

The pose involves standing on your toes and pointing your feet to mimic the look of wearing heels.

Here’s an idea: Why not just wear some heels? Invisible ones don’t count. Yes,I know,they hurt,but they look great. Just put them on if you want to pose like that.

I didn’t place this on the list because the fad hasn’t and didn’t catch on for people to know what this is.

Shooting_rangePeople who take videos and pictures of themselves at gun ranges

This has made the list several times before and while I still hate this and think it’s annoying, I don’t see it as much.

We get it,you like guns. They make you feel powerful and they make up for any shortcomings you may have,but we don’t need to see your videos and pictures of you at a gun range constantly on social media.

People who are this obsessed with weapons are ones I don’t necessarily want to be associated with. Get a life!

TrumpyBearThe Trumpy Bear

Not only is Donald Trump a disgusting human being, some company decided to make a teddy bear after him by putting a terrible wig and a collar and cufflinks on him with a super long red tie.

Why would anyone buy this? Unless you’re continuing to drink the Kool-Aid he’s serving and by then,you’re wasting your money on an ugly teddy bear.

I didn’t put this on the list because everyone knows it’s terrible and it didn’t need any more publicity then it already got.

SantorumConwayCATCH-ALL: Rick Santorum and Kellyanne Conway

These two empty heads who constantly go on cable news and lie their asses off are always prime candidates for the list,but I omitted them because everyone knows how terrible they are.

Rick Santorum is a guy that CNN can’t stop having on and he continues to say dumb stuff on there all the time. I could pick and choose an example of how and why,but there’s so many of them you can find that show how bad he is. Not to mention that he was a shitty presidential candidate that like -17 people were interested in.

As for Conway,not only is she creepy looking but she is so brainwashed and far gone that even her husband is a critic of hers. When even your spouse can’t hang with what you believe in,you know you’re in too deep. Conway’s appearances for her boss on cable news and on the Sunday shows are useless garbage.

I have a prediction about Conway coming your way when our Predictions list comes out on Dec. 30!

That’s it,that’s the list!

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