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The Worst Songs That Were Huge Hits of All Time (Our 900th Entry)


Welcome to our 900th entry and our list of the worst songs that were huge hits. My criteria for this list is that the song has to have either charted high or was popular enough to be a viral hit and apart of our lives,for better or worse,for a time. Here is this site’s list of those bad songs.



10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Deep Blue Something,1995

They weren’t deep,they weren’t blue,and they were definitely not something. This song about two people breaking up and realizing the only thing they have in common is liking the 1961 film that shares the same title of this bad song.  In the chorus, the words “She said ‘I think I remember the film, And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it'”, are kind of terrible. Either you remember it or you don’t. You can’t say “I think” when it comes to something like this. Come on,now. Overall,it’s a bad song and tenth on the list.

9. Rebecca Black-Friday,2011

Probably the worst song of 2011, Rebecca Black’s ode to everyone’s favorite day of the week is an autotuned mess filled with bad singing,bad lyrics,and a reminder that the day before was Thursday and the day after is Saturday and the day after that is Sunday combined with a video featuring a bunch of 14-year-olds in cocktail dresses at a kickback for some reason,and you’ve got a terrible song that make it to our list. I had to endure this song quite a bit in ’11 and it was a hard one to listen to and difficult to understand why anyone liked it that much.  

8. Don’t Worry,Be Happy-Bobby McFerrin,1988

One of the biggest hits of 1988,and it’s on our list. Why? Because of these lyrics here:

Ain’t got no place to lay your head
Somebody came and took your bed
Don’t worry, be happy
The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don’t worry, be happy

How can anyone be happy about being homeless and/or someone’s landlord getting ready to sue them? That’s nothing to be happy about at all,in fact,it’s unsurprisingly depressing. How can anyone maintain a positive attitude after experiencing anything like this? If that’s me,I’m probably shooting myself!

The saving grace of the song is its video that features Robin Williams constantly mugging for the camera. Other than that,this song missed the mark and was the only real hit for McFerrin.

7. We Built This City-Starship,1985

I admit,this song would’ve made the top of this list about a decade ago,but as I’ve aged, I’ve realized that it’s not as bad as I originally thought. Don’t get me wrong,it’s still a heaping pile of garbage,but it’s not as big of a heap as it was before.

With bad music with synthesizers galore that sounds like it came from a local car dealership and a traffic report from a San Francisco radio station for some reason, this 1985 hit from Starship is a reminder of how bad some songs were from the 1980s. Also,the video has a lot of bad animation and dancing,the only good thing from it is Abe Lincoln emerging from his seat on the memorial singing “ROCK AND ROOOOOOLL!”

Also,this song isn’t really a rock song,it’s a song you would hear on an easy listening station that played lite rock,which is what this is,and it’s not even good lite rock.

6. #Selfie-The Chainsmokers,2014

This song not only features zero singing in it,but it also embodies the kind of society we live in now, one where the only people we care about are the ones that like our posts, what kind of filters we use for our photos,and where we get upset if someone doesn’t text us back. 

This song is just bad across the board. However, since The Chainsmokers avoided being a one-hit wonder after this and became hitmakers after this dud from three years ago,it falls into place on our list.

5. Get Out (Leave)-Jojo,2004

No 14-year-old girl should be singing a break-up song. Ever.

Get out? Really? Of where,Chuck E. Cheese?

Seriously,whoever wrote this song for her clearly missed the fact that she’s a child and children do not need to be singing break-up songs. Children should be playing outside, drinking Capri Suns,and watching Rick and Morty. They aren’t breaking up with someone via song. Leave that to Taylor Swift!

4. What Does the Fox Say?-Ylvis,2013

Now we’re getting into the Songs That Set White People Back 50 years department and this song was as bad as they came in 2013. 

With some of the most unintelligible lyrics and an annoying video, What Does The Fox Say? was a reminder that nowadays you don’t have to be smart to write a hit song. It kina goes to show how bad new hit music is getting and how much old songs are coveted because of how well they were written back in the day compared to the trash that gets put out now. 

This song is a reminder of how good we used to have it musically.

3. Ice,Ice,Baby-Vanilla Ice,1990

Continuing with songs that set white people back a half a century, this 1990 hit by Robert Van Winkle is a freakishly bad song. From his stealing of the tune to Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” to him denying it to the lyrics where he hears gunshots and grabbing his own gun and all he hears are shells. It’s easy to see why this song is a bad one.

Also,Vanilla Ice is not from the ghetto,he’s a privileged white kid who probably never even heard gun shots in his own neighborhood. He kinda reminds me of those kids who want to be gangsters despite the fact that Daddy bought their luxurious car for them on their 16th birthday.

The only good thing that came from it was the Jim Carrey parody on In Living Color that same year.

2. Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus,1992

If you like fathers of slutty pop stars with mullets who had one hit and one hit only,this song is for you.

Not only are the lyrics horrible and downright depressing,but the video is bad,too. From Cyrus’ aforementioned mullet to the horrible line dancing by the audience, this song had it all as far as being bad is concerned.

There’s not even a saving grace for it. When I hear it even today,I cringe greatly. It’s probably the song that set white folks back the most. Bad song by a one-hit wonder.

1. Macarena-Los Del Rio,1996

This is probably the worst song of my lifetime,if not ever.

The lyrics,the dance,the video,it’s all bad.

Do you guys even know what the song is about? It’s about a girl who cheats on her boyfriend with his two friends when he’s out of town! And this was played at school dances for kids? Really?

Ever since it’s 1996 release,there isn’t a wedding,or a bar mitzvah,or a first communion where this isn’t played. It was even played at the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

As if the Democrats weren’t awful now.

There you have it,the 10 worst songs that were huge hits. Maybe you agree or disagree,all I know is that it took 900 entries before we got to this one. Thanks for reading!


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