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Kings make deals, fall short in ’16 draft

KingsLogoAfter the results following the 2016 NBA Draft for the Sacramento Kings,I like a lot of fans feel that it was a very underwhelming one when it came to addressing draft needs.

But first,let’s begin at the beginning. The Kings had begun the day by trading guard Marco Belinelli to the Charlotte Hornets for their first-round pick at 22nd overall. I was thinking to myself “Okay,cool,we have two first round picks.” Then when the Kings’ turn to pick at the eighth spot came around it was being reported that the pick was being traded to Phoenix so that they could select Washington forward Marquese Chriss,which I had no qualms about them doing because guards that were available to them were further down the draft board and the Kings far from needed a forward or center. Many of us were thinking that it might be possible for the Kings to not only receive the 13th pick from the Suns,but also possibly Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight to fill a need at guard. That didn’t happen,but the draft rights to Bogdan Bogdanovic,a player the Suns drafted in 2014,along with the 28th pick went to Sacramento. It’s been reported that Bogdanovic is far from interested in coming to the NBA as of press time.

I shrugged off the disappointment of not getting Bledsoe or Knight because I thought for sure the Kings would draft someone like Wade Baldwin from Vanderbilt or Denzel Valentine of Michigan State. Instead, the Kings decided to go for someone who wasn’t even in the green room on draft night,a 7-2 center by the name of Georgios Papagiannis from Greece. 

Really? A center? A fucking center? Is this who you traded down to go and get for real? Didn’t anyone in the team’s draft room realize that this team needs guards as much as a crackhead needs crack?

And I’m not not knocking the kid whatsoever in regards to his talents or his potential, I don’t think that this was the guy you should have traded down for. This was someone they could’ve drafted with one of their other two picks later in the round if he was available. 

Then the 22nd pick came around,the one from Charlotte,and they select a guy on the wing in Malachi Richardson, but the problem with him is that he can’t fucking shoot. Richardson’s field goal percentage at Syracuse last season was a piss poor 37-percent. If the Kings wanted a guard who shoots that poorly,they may as well have traded for Ricky Rubio. Some people actually praised the pick,I’m puzzled as to what they’re high on when they offer such praise.

Then the 28th pick came along and the player selected was Skal Labissiere from Kentucky,a power forward/center.

Really? Another center? What is your plan? Are we really going to have all of these 7-footers on one roster? Who is going to be this team’s point guard with Darren Collison’s legal troubles looming and Rajon Rondo possibly not coming back? Again,this isn’t a slight on Labissiere, just me pondering why they’re continuing to draft big men when they clearly don’t need any.

The Kings did draft another guard with their 59th pick, Isaiah Cousins from Oklahoma (and no,he’s not related to DeMarcus).

Overall as things sit,I have to give Vlade Divac and the front office involved in this year’s draft an F at best. They didn’t address the team’s major needs or give fans any sense of this team getting any better or closer to the playoffs than they were last season. Now,could things change with a trade to bring a quality guard to Sacramento? Of course,but who knows if that will even happen? We have no idea who is on the trading block with this team and what the team could realistically get for anyone.

Now,we as fans have no idea what the team is necessarily thinking when they draft,maybe they’re picking these players in case an intriguing trade for DeMarcus Cousins comes along, maybe these picks are pawns for someone to take if a good trade is presented to Divac for a proven player. Anything is possible at this point. As things stand,though, this draft leaves us Kings fans wanting something more and feeling like we deserve better. Oh,and an explanation from Divac regarding this mess.





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