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Reviewing the New Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms

On Thursday,the Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled their new uniforms that they will wear in 2016 and beyond. This will be their second redesign since joining Major League Baseball in 1998.DBacksUnis2

The eight new uniforms are a departure from the more traditional uniforms that teams have been wearing before. Let’s take a look at these new uniforms.

Each uniform has a design that’s meant to evoke snakeskin on the sleeves of the jersey as well as the caps and the pants. The home uniform is white with a black arched D-Backs script trimmed in red with red numerals on the lower left chest below the team name and black numerals on the back. The player name on the back is red and outlined in black. On the left sleeve of the jersey is the classic snake alternate logo used from 1998-2006,but in red this time around.

There is also an alternate home white jersey only this time trimmed in teal with the numerals in black instead of red on the lower left chest. Teal is being brought back after a decade of being retired as a team color to it now being a tertiary accent color.
The uniforms that caught my eye were the away sets. These are dark grey with Arizona on the chest curved in black and outlined in red. Just like the basic home set,the numerals on the chest are in red,but black on the back. The name above the number is red and outlined in black. But wait,there’s more! There is also an alternate gray set with the same kind of teal trim as the home set.

DBacksNewUnis3There are also colored alternate jerseys. The red one mimics the home design but with black script, nameplates,and numerals. The black one has the Diamondbacks’ main logo on the chest with the nameplate in gold and the numerals on the back in red. There’s also a Hispanic heritage jersey in black with “LOS D-BACKS” in red curved script letters with red numerals on the back and gold ones on the front. The nameplate on the back is also in gold.

Wow,that’s a lot of uniforms. I do like their desire to break away from tradition by creating a new one, but there are a couple of uniforms I would omit from the collection altogether, mainly the ones where teal is absent like the basic home and road uniforms. I would promote the alternate home and road uniforms to be the basic ones. I do think eight uniforms is quite overkill,but the designs are pretty cool,especially the dark gray road uniforms. That’s something I don’t think anyone has done before and they may look pretty cool on the field, though I do worry about them looking like the Dallas Mavericks’ hefty bag silver uniforms from back in the day that were trashed after one game.

I like this idea for the Diamondbacks,but I don’t want to see other teams doing this. Most teams don’t need to change the uniforms anyway and I’d like to see it that way.

Thumbs Up!



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