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So,how do you fix the 49ers?

At 2-5, the San Francisco 49ers are heading into their worst season in nearly six seasons. Seven games removed from the Jim Harbaugh era,a time which brought prosperity, success,and a rekindled love for the team among fans,something he has taken with him to Ann Arbor,Mich and the team looks like they did before he arrived from Palo Alto in 2011. In fact,they probably look worse when it comes to the front office and their “vision” for this team. From bad coaching hires to running good coaches out of town to not properly developing Colin Kaepernick,this team has become a mess.

It starts with Jed York, his football resume includes being the son of the people who own the team and that’s JedYorkit. Sure,York,35, is young and played a pivotal role in getting the team their much-needed new home (which is hosting this year’s Super Bowl),even his hire of Harbaugh was a slam dunk as the team never had a losing season under him and even made it back to the Super Bowl for the first since 1994. But many of his football decisions have been ill-fated. From hiring Mike Singletary to even his “vast search for a GM” which resulted in promoting Trent Baalke.

Unfortunately for York and his family,the personality of Harbaugh could only be put up with for so long and the team and the coach “mutually parted ways” after last season. Adam Gase,the offensive coordinator in Denver nearly took the job before York made the condition that Jim Tomsula be made the defensive coordinator. Gase decided not to take the job and is now the offensive coordinator in Chicago,where former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is as well after he was released by the team when Harbaugh was fired. Fangio was a fan favorite to replace Harbaugh.

So the 49ers decided to hire from within and gave Tomsula the head coaching position. The only head coaching experience he ever had was the final game of the 2010 season and before that coaching the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe in 2006. He had never even been a coordinator in the NFL before becoming the head coach on Jan. 14. The team figured it would be a safe hire because Tomsula was more likely to make the decisions based on what the front office wanted and was a “player’s coach”. 

What’s happened since is the team getting much worse. Kaepernick does not look like a very good quarterback. Sure,he has had some flashes of success,but there are signs that maybe he wasn’t properly developed and that his time spent with Kurt Warner in the offseason went to waste. And it’s not like he doesn’t have weapons on offense. He does. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith are there, Vernon Davis is there (sometimes), Carlos Hyde is there,and every once in a while Reggie Bush is there (Bush,by the way,needs to fucking retire instead of stay on an NFL roster for a check). it’s clear that the Kaepernick era is nearing its sunset and if the team finishes with a poor record,they could land a guy like Jared Goff from Cal,though I’m sure with the front office that’s in place,they’ll find every excuse not to draft him.

So,what can be done to fix the 49ers? Well,they need some football minds in there. I don’t know who those kinds are and I’m sure York doesn’t,either. But someone does and those people need to get to Santa Clara as fast as possible. It’s been proven time and time again that if you get the right people for the job,the culture in the organization and in the locker room changes and in turn comes success. Also,enough with the internal hires. What that tells me as someone on the outside looking in is that the team doesn’t have enough in them to trust someone else coming into their organization,which to me is what led to Harbaugh being in Michigan now. If York can find it in his heart to get someone in there to guide the front office and lay the foundation for teamwork,leadership,commitment,and success,therefore leaving York to handle the business side of the team and to sign checks, then I think the 49ers will be better off. Until that happens, expect the kind of seasons they’re having now and expect the way the team is and has been run. 

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