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For Oilers,fans winning is the only cure

Well,hockey season has arrived and for Edmonton Oilers fans, this year was supposed to be different. At 0-4-0 to start the season, they’re still waiting to see some difference.

Goaltender Cam Talbot (33),makes a toe save on the Blues in Edmonton's 4-2 loss on Thursday.

Goaltender Cam Talbot (33),makes a toe save on the Blues in Edmonton’s 4-2 loss on Thursday.

Yes, they are playing better in the four losses they’ve had. Yes,Connor McDavid is an exciting player and fans are happy to have him. Yes,they are missing Jordan Eberle and maybe a few trades need to be made (Teddy Purcell and Andrew Ference would be a start) and maybe a couple of players who are currently lighting it up in Bakersfield should be up with the big club (Darnell Nurse and Leon Draisaitl), but the fans want to see wins. Wins,in my opinion,are the only cure for what’s ailing this team.

“The whole fan base is impatient right now and we’re feeling it as a team. You don’t want to be down 0-4 to start the year…probably the worst case scenario when you look at it mid-summer,” said Taylor Hall.

All the moves that were made over the summer aren’t paying off as of yet and for the better part of a decade, this is the same scene being played out in October in Edmonton. They get the short end of the schedule and have to play every single playoff-caliber team and they don’t get the win. And it doesn’t get any better when the Oilers go to Calgary and Vancoouver this weekend on a back-to-back on the road. Then they face Detroit and Washington at home,two teams that could very well represent the East in the Stanley Cup Finals come June.

What isn’t helping their cause is their power play. They are 1 for 14 on the year. They also have a tough time getting the puck onto the other team’s end of the ice.

“You can talk about getting momentum from a power play but who cares? It’s about scoring,” said Hall. “It’s about putting the puck in the net. It’s a bit of puck-luck and our fault.”

“Did the power play kill us? Well, it didn’t win us the game,” said Oilers coach Todd McLellan

Look,what needs to happen for this team to be in the good graces of the fans so that they can rest assured the changes being made are paying off is to win. That’s it. It shouldn’t be a pain in the ass to win a game with the talent that’s currently on the team. Maybe GM Peter Chiarelli is trying to make a move right now that nobody knows about to get Purcell and/or Ference shipped out of town (or even someone else),and I hope that with the new management group in place that they’ll make whatever change is necessary to right the ship that,once again,appears to be sinking and the limited patience the fans currently have is drying up.

“This is a try hard and win league,” said McLellan.

It’s time for them to do just that. Try hard and win, it’ll cure everything!

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