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These students shouldn’t have to suffer,shame on you for wishing it on them!

Two weeks have passed since school came back into session at Lindhurst High School in Olivehurst,Calif. and the students have had enough. Enough of what,you ask? Enough of being stuck in hot classrooms due to a broken air conditioner.Lindhurst

“Everybody’s getting sick,” Lindhurst senior Natalie Camarillo told KXTV in Sacramento,Calif.  “Teachers fainted, students fainted.”

The building in question houses dozens of classrooms. The district has brought in exhaust fans and supplied water and have even instituted minimum days,but students say it isn’t enough.

“There’s no fresh air rally coming in, so you are in there and the kid in front of you is sweating, smelling all that, breathing all that in,” Camarillo explained. “It’s awful.”

The district says it may take until October or November to have the unit fixed,but the students feel its unfair and a protest of about 100 students was organized where they walked out of first period on Tuesday.

The reaction on social media,however,has been anything but kind. Many people saying the kids are weak for not being able to suck it up and endure the heat. Other comparing their experiences without air conditioners in their school days and how they “turned out just fine”. If you’re one of these people who are saying these kids are soft,you basically have no soul to speak of. How could you wish for these kids to suffer like they are doing right now? The lack of empathy for the situation truly enrages me and honestly,if you’re one of these people who are saying to them to “get over it”, you’re part of the problem!

Heat exhaustion is no joke,and that’s the risk that this district is running with the way things sit now. If someone does die from heat exhaustion due to what’s happening,what kind of action takes place at that point? What do you say to that person’s family? How big of a lawsuit will come to the district for a lack of immediate action? 

I don’t have any children,but if I did, they wouldn’t be going to this school until the problem got fixed or I’d send them to a school that doesn’t have such a problem. It’s bad enough that school keep starting earlier and earlier in a time of the year where kids should be spending their days enjoying their time off and going places, now they have to deal with situations where their lives could be at risk the longer it goes on. And by the way,deep down,you yourself wouldn’t want to be in this situation,either. So quit wishing it upon these students and faculty. I feel bad for these guys!

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