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Reviewing the New Milwaukee Bucks Uniforms

BucksNewUnisBack in April we reviewed the Bucks’ new logo and alternate logos, and now we have the review for their new uniforms,which were unveiled on Saturday.

In a mix of eras blended together, the Bucks have brought their old Irish Rainbow from 1980s and have placed it on the side of their uniforms in a modern twist and instead of just green they have the new color scheme along the sides with green,black,blue,white,and cream. The team is calling the new design Cream City Rainbow.

“The new look is a perfect representation of the city and state we call home – honoring our blue-collar community values in a modern design that speaks to the exciting future for the team and region,” Bucks vice president Alex Lasry said.

The home jersey is white with BUCKS in their new custom font with green letters and numerals with a cream outline. The player name on the back is arched in green with a cream outline. 

The road jersey is green with the city name arched around the number in white with a cream outline, the numerals are also white with cream outline as well as the player name on the back. This will mark the first time since 1977 that MILWAUKEE will appear on the team’s primary road uniforms.

The front collar has an M design on it carried over from the team’s logo. In the negative space on the shorts, an M design is created. The side of the shorts has a buck on the bottom of the shorts with a cream background.

The bottom of the jersey has a tag that says Fear the Deer written in blue with a cream background that will only be seen if the player’s jersey happens to be untucked,which if you ask me feels like an unnecessary item on any uniform.

Despite my dislike for the logo itself and the blocky font used for it, I think the Bucks did a nice job on their uniforms. I do think the colors mesh well together and they didn’t overuse the blue and black on them. I’d even love to see an alternate in the cream color that the team can wear either at home or on the road in the near future. Seems a little collegiate,but whatever!

Thumbs Up!


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