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Odds & Ends-Volume 86


StuartScottLike many of you, I was very sad to hear that Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer at the age of 49 on Sunday.

Scott was one of the first people I saw on SportsCenter when my family got cable again in the late-1990s and he and Rich Eisen were great together on the late edition and made sports a fun deal. Some people liked him,others didn’t,but Scott did his job the best way that he knew how and that’s why people did like him.

Seven years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, a fight he endured three times and would work through his treatment. When you saw him on television, you barely knew he was fighting cancer and fighting for his life because he was still doing his thing and he was having fun doing it. It kept him going. That’s what I liked most about him because when the worst comes to you, going forward is the best move you can make.

I know that I’ll miss seeing him on SportsCenter and Monday Night Countdown and so will many of you who grew up watching him. He left this world far too soon.

It looks like the St. Louis Rams are a step closer to being Los Angeles’ NFL team once again.RamsLAStadium
Stan Kroenke,the team’s owner, unveiled plans to build a new stadium in Inglewood,Calif. where he purchased 60 acres of land adjacent to the Forum arena last year. Plans call for a new 80,000 seat stadium to be built as well as a 6,000 seat performance venue.

If all goes according to plan, the team could move back to Southern California in 2016 should St. Louis not be able to come up with a new stadium to keep the team there. The NFL is not taking any applications for an L.A. relocation this year.
Since Kroenke bought the land near the Forum a year ago,I had a feeling the Rams might be planning a move back to Southern California. They still have a lot of fans there,including my office manager,who is originally from there. I don’t think St. Louis is going to come up with nearly half of a good deal as L.A. and aren’t going to make any renovations to the Edward Jones Dome, a stadium that is only 20 years old but in NFL standards is outdated. It should be interesting what will come of the Rams or any other team (like the Raiders or Chargers) who will want to make a move to be L.A.’s first NFL team in over two decades. Stay tuned!

KingsAltAs much as I don’t want to say it,I think this season for the Sacramento Kings is a wash. The reason why? The coaching situation.

I don’t understand why this team fired Michael Malone when they had a 10 games stretch that DeMarcus Cousins was gone due to illness. I would have liked to have seen if this team could’ve regained the momentum they started the season with once Cousins returned.

Also,they didn’t replace him with anybody better. Sure,Ty Corbin has some head coaching experience,but those were during times when the team he coached,the Utah Jazz,weren’t very good themselves. Why when George Karl and Mark Jackson were available is Corbin your best option? I mean,shit, Karl is pretty much begging for you to hire him, why aren’t you doing so?
If Corbin’s the best you can do when better coaches are out there, then this season is not going to get any better.

Speaking of interim coaches, the Edmonton Oilers actually have a pretty decent one in Todd Nelson.ToddNelson

Nelson was previously the head coach of the soon-to-be defunct Oklahoma City Barons of the AHL before being called up to replace Dallas Eakins. While Craig MacTavish came down from the front office to show Nelson the ropes, the team wasn’t responding but when Nelson got the keys to the team to coach them, they have suddnely become a better hockey team. They’re in close games and they’re knocking off teams that are good as of late like the New York Islanders on Sunday and last week they beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

I’m not saying this team is going to be a playoff team anytime soon,but they are headed in a better direction under their interim head coach and are looking less and less like a team that is tanking. If he continues to get these guys to play better, I would hope that the interim label gets removed for a more permanent one. Now if only the front office could get fixed a lot better.


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