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If this isn’t tanking,then what is it exactly?

OilersAs much as I hate to say this, but it is my belief that the Edmonton Oilers are tanking. Not the players,but the organization itself.

Usually when teams go several seasons without winning, usually they go and get high caliber front office people and draft well with high draft picks and get veteran free agents and watch the comeback happen. I happen to believe that this is anything but happening with this team,and that nobody in the front office cares about winning.

This team is doing absolutely nothing to improve the roster, the talent around the young guns they’ve drafted in the years they’ve sucked ass, and they’ve done absolutely nothing to give fans a reason to believe things will ever get better. If anything,it’s going to get worse in Oil Country. This has led to having an impatient fan base with continuous unrest, booing the team out of the building and jerseys being flung onto the ice,and we’re not even to Christmas yet.

At 6-14-2, the Oilers, a team who has had eight consecutive losing seasons, are staring a ninth right in the face and it feels like the organization is doing nothing to get any better no matter who gets drafted high, who actually agrees to sign with this sorry excuse for a franchise,and no matter who is coaching them.

It feels like this organization is purposely doing everything it can to lose and to keep losing. Well,that or not caring about how well the team does because fans still show up despite the suckfest that’s been taking place for so long now. This team has yet to beat anyone who plays in the Western Conference, they can’t win at home, they can only seem to beat shitty Eastern Conference teams on the road. It’s almost as if you can chalk up an L automatically when they play somebody in the West.

If this isn’t tanking, I don’t know what else to call it. It’s not a rebuild because even teams who are “rebuilding” at least show signs of improvement and hope for the future. Also,hockey teams don’t take nearly a decade to “rebuild” and get back to the playoffs. Teams who are rebuilding have people in the front office who are committed and willing to do whatever they can to get their team back to their glory days and they have coaches who are proven leaders who can get the most out of their players. Not only is that not happening,but there’s no desire to make it happen. 


Case in point,the Oilers fired a coach on Monday, but not head coach Dallas Eakins (who I think should be let go and will be before season’s end). Nope,it was their goaltending coach Frederic Chabot getting the axe.

Really? He’s the reason why you’ve sucked? Give me a fucking break! How about cleaning some fucking house? Oh, why not?Oh,it’s because you’re tanking,isn’t it? Who’s getting fired next? The stick boy? 

See,folks, it’s evident to me this team is doing nothing to get better. This season is being tanked,there’s nothing anyone can do about it other than just sit and watch how much worse it’s going to get,because we all know it will. There’s no reason to have faith in an organization that does not try.


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