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Why you crying,A’s fans?

A's alternateOK,A’s fans,you do know that Billy Beane has done stuff like this before,right? And that this is what he does,right? 

If you have no clue what I’m talking about,the A’s made a move at the trade deadline on Thursday to acquire Jon Lester from the Boston Red Sox, a pitcher who last year helped guide Boston from a last place team in 2012 to the World Series champions in 2013. Along with Lester, the A’s acquired outfielder Jonny Gomes. Dealt to the Red Sox was fan favorite outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, the reigning Home Run Derby champions two years in a row.

Fans were not very happy with the deal,a deal that could very well get their team to their first World Series win since 1989. Lester joins an already robust pitching staff that includes Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija (who were acquired earlier in July), Scott Kazmir and Sonny Gray. This staff may be the best in all of baseball,especially when October comes around. 

But it’s still not enough for A’s fans,is it?

Here it is two days after the trade and the bitching continues about how Beane made a big mistake and how much they want their slugging outfielder back. But this is what Beane does if fans haven’t noticed by all the talented players who have come up before through the organization only to pack their bags once they became too high priced to keep around. Only this time, Beane is acquiring talent that may make this team a world champion once more,something this man should have done a long time ago,but I digress. And by the way,at least your GM is making moves rather than standing pat like a lot of other GMs did,just sayin’.

I was as surprised as A’s fans were when I heard the trade news on my way to work Thursday morning. But then I understood why they made the move as mentioned before. This team is no longer content with being a great regular season team anymore, which is what they’ve been whenever they’ve made the playoffs since 2000. I’m sure fans feel the same way and want the team to get their fifth World Series since moving to Oakland in 1968. With Lester joining that rotation, that could very well happen. What the A’s had to do was give Boston something of value in return for Lester and Cespedes was the guy they had to part with. I know fans love the guy, but what may very well played a part in his departure was his reluctance to play center field and his batting average going down to .256. 

I’m sure that A’s fans will forgive the deal in due time or if the team is holding up the Commissioner’s Trophy in October. What they need to do in the meantime is boost their attendance figures. A contender who is 23rd in attendance,that’s an outrage!

Show up before October,A’s fans! 

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