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Odds & Ends-Volume 35


GiantsWhat a great series the Giants had against the Dodgers. This series said everything you need to know about this team and their continued persistence. Three times in the series they were on the ropes and twice they came back to win it in their final at bat. Buster Posey hit his first walk-off home run to send Giants fans home happy. Then the next night, as the Dodgers scored seven runs in the fifth innning, it looked as if the Giants had blown the game. But they came back and tied it at 9-9 to send it into extra innings and then Guillermo Quiroz became the second straight catcher in that series to hit a walk-off home run to win it.

The Giants looked like they might lose control again as the Dodgers,who trailed 4-0, scored three innings in the eighth inning to make it 4-3, but Sergio Romo and the Giants held on to win it 4-3 and swept L.A.

It also proved something, that this team is still a contender and should continue to be in the discussion as just that. The Dodgers have spent way too much on a team that,as of right now, isn’t getting the job done. I think if the Dodgers spent more time bringing up players from their farm system instead of being the West Coast’s version of the Yankees, they just might be better off. It worked for the Giants.

By the way, I was very pleased with the ESPN’s broadcast of the game last night. Usually fans have issue with a national broadcast, mainly because there may not be enough love shown towards their team. I felt that the Giants were shown more than enough love and praise during Sunday’s telecast,ranging from calling AT&T Park one of the best ballparks in America, to being impressed with being able to get a hot dog from a kayak in McCovey Cove. A great thanks to ESPN for doing a great job with the broadcast.

BandwagonA'sSomeone should probably tell A’s fans everywhere that baseball season starts in April, not two weeks before the playoffs.

The reigning AL West champions are having another good season, yet are continuing to fail to draw at the box office. As of press time, the A’s are 26th in overall attendance at home, averaging 19,034 fans per game. It’s a bit of an improvement, but it’s not enough. I know A’s fans are out there, I have a bunch of friends on Facebook who are A’s fans who talk about them a lot. I know over the years I’ve beaten this subject to death,but why don’t A’s fans go to games? Is it the constant turnover of the team? Is it the past futility? Is it because of the stadium itself? These are things I want to know because I’ve yet to get a good answer from any A’s fan I’ve asked about this.

What will it take for fans to watch this team on a regular basis and not just the last two weeks of the year when the divisional pennant race is on the line? I really want to know because you’d think a division title would bring fans back to the yard and a lot of fans are still staying away.

Is anybody starting to think the Memphis Grizzlies might beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in this next round? I think I might be.OKCMEM13

Sure,the Thunder managed to fight off the feisty team from Memphis on Sunday 93-91, but if you ask me,the Thunder is starting to crack and are not the team they were last year. That team was a lot better and it was all because of a guy named James Harden.
I know they don’t have Russell Westbrook and that’s hindering them,but so is not having a solid back-up option to help out Kevin Durant,and Harden was that. I know all about Kevin Martin and in my view,he isn’t a guy you can count on to fill a big hole or be a number two option. Harden proved he can lead a team to the postseason this season by bringing the Houston Rockets back to it and I’ll bet if Thunder management had to do things over, they might agree, but we’ll see if they do regret it if the Grizzlies win this series,which I think they have a great shot of doing.

DerrickRoseOften times on Facebook I will ask “Whatever happened to so-and-so?”, usually so-and-so is an athlete or celebrity that nobody has seen or heard from in a while. Am I going to be asking this question about Derrick Rose?

It’s been over a year since Rose was injured and he has not returned to the Bulls since. Ever since he has been cleared by doctors to play,Rose hasn’t done it and it’s been a saga of will he or won’t he play? And to be honest, it’s getting kind of old. Also,it’s unfair to his Chicago teammates because they could probably use a guy like Rose in order to stand a single chance against the eventual NBA Champion Miami Heat (We all know they’re going to win, so there’s little reason to watch the NBA Playoffs at this point).

I understand that sometimes when you’ve had a freak injury like Rose had that you want to make damn sure you’re 100-percent before you come back,but that point for Rose has to be soon,right? At this point,I’m pretty sure Brett Favre has a better chance of making yet another return to the NFL before Rose comes back to the Bulls.


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