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Odds & Ends-Volume 31


HeatAs I said on Sports Madness on KSSU on Tuesday, if any team any time were to break the Los Angeles Lakers’ 33-game win streak on 1971-72, this year’s Miami Heat squad would be the team to do it. They are only eight games away from doing so and you know something, I don’t know that I would bet against them doing it.

The Heat have had an easy schedule as of late and it doesn’t get much harder. They visit Orlando tonight and then continue their road trip in Chicago (who have a decent shot at beating them), New Orleans and San Antonio on Easter Sunday. If it ends at all during the road trip,it would end in San Antonio because the schedule is still easy should they hold off the Spurs with the Knicks,Bobcats,76ers,and Bucks. They would break the record if they can beat Milwaukee on Apr. 9.

This team is not only on a mission to repeat as champions,but to make history,too. They just might do it.

And although their winning streak isn’t as big,the Denver Nuggets’ 15-game win streak is just as impressive. Nuggets
Here’s a team that doesn’t have as big as superstars as the Heat,but they do have a fantastic team coached by a fantastic coach. I like George Karl a lot, he has cranked out some competitive teams over the years and could be the second best coach in the league right behind Gregg Popovich.

The thing about the Nuggets is that they started this season off a little sluggish,but they’ve come back since and in a big way. They’ve convinced me that they are the third best team in the Western Conference behind the Spurs and the Thunder respectively. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got to the Conference Finals. This is a team and a franchise that’s due to do that and this is their best shot to do it.

RavensI’d like to thank the Baltimore Ravens for actually signing someone other than Joe Flacco this past weekend. Elvis Dumervil,who was cut by the Broncos earlier this month in a salary dump has joined the team who is losing guys to free agency one by one.

It is surprising to me that a franchise like the Ravens who is regarded as one of the league’s most well-run teams just lose players left and right like they have whether it be via trade (Anquan Boldin), free agency (Ed Reed), or retirement (Matt Birk, Ray Lewis). This team just won the Super Bowl for crying out loud. They may be banking on just rebuilding from scratch which has worked before,but to see a team a month removed from winning the Super Bowl be disassembled like this one was pretty surprising if you ask me.

My NCAA bracket hasn’t looked as good as I had hoped,but I am sure I am like most of you in that regard. There is,however,one team Oregonin my Final Four that I am impressed to still see around. Not the Indiana Hoosiers,but the Oregon Ducks. The 12th seeded Ducks are in the Sweet 16 and I am not that surprised. Sure I did do my bracket with the help of the coin flip App on my iPhone, but I did think that Oregon would go far because they were, in my view, underseeded. This team is not, nor should they ever have been, a 12 seed. They should have been at the very least an eighth or ninth seed. They beat both Oklahoma St. and Saint Louis by double digits when probably a lot of folks didn’t think they would and now they have a date with the Louisville Cardinals.

FGCUAdmit it, before this tournament began, you had never heard of Florida Gulf Coast University. You didn’t know where they were located (Fort Myers) or what their mascot was (Eagles)or even their colors (Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green), but you know who the 15th seed is now that they beat the Georgetown Hoyas, a team I had in the Final Four and then the San Diego State Aztecs. They now have a date with another Sunshine State team, the Florida Gators. Although they are a 15th seed, anything is possible, and the guys from FGCU are proving that. This will be fun to watch!

Catch me and the great DJ Mappquest on Sports Madness, this Tuesday from 6-7pm Pacific Time on, Sacramento State Student Radio. You can also listen to our show via the TuneIn Radio app on your smartphone. Search: KSSU


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