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Reviewing the New Denver Nuggets Alternate Uniform

In retrospect I am glad I have passed on reviewing the Brooklyn Nets’ new uniforms because I found a team who unveiled a much more interesting set of uniforms, even if they’re only going to be worn for a fourth of the season, the Denver Nuggets. I had no idea the Denver Nuggets were rolling out a new alternate uniform, but it is no doubt an interesting look.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Nuggets had a rainbow logo with the Denver skyline inside of it. As a kid, I thought it looked a little different but that’s how you knew the Denver Nuggets, then they changed their colors to blue,gold,and burgundy and things were never the same. Now they have a color scheme that works. I like their baby blue,gold,and navy blue set they have now.

The new uniform, gold in color, has the same skyline logo the team used on their uniforms from 1982-93 with the Rocky Mountains behind it. The Nuggets wordmark is below and the player number is on the left side of the uniform above the skyline. Nuggets players are very impressed with the uniforms.

“They’re pretty cool, I like them. This yellow was a pretty good surprise this morning when we came to the gym,” Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari said

The Nuggets will wear these uniforms 18 times this season.

Though this alternate uniform looks an awful lot like the University of Marquette’s gold uniforms, I absolutely love these. It is a nod to their colorful history, the Nuggets were a pretty good team in the 1980s even though they did not win a championship during that time. This is definitely a uniform that fans in Denver will love and will wish the team would wear more as the season goes on. 

Without a doubt, the Nuggets’ new threads get a Thumbs Up! 

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