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Odds & Ends-Volume Four

Why are some of the most likable NBA players going to teams I don’t like?

Steve Nash has decided that two stints with the Phoenix Suns was enough and will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant, Pao Gasol,and Andrew Bynum.

Nash,38, is not getting much younger but can still play and the Lakers may be his last real shot at an NBA title. I can’t stand the Lakers. Some of my worst NBA memories come at the expense of the Lakers. Like when the Kings were basically robbed of a title when three referees decided the outcome of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals in 2002. But I’ll save that for another time.

Meanwhile on the other coast, Ray Allen has decided that Miami was his desired change of scenery. Allen,37, spent the last five seasons in Boston where he helped bring the Celtics its 17th championship with Kevin Garnett, Paul Piece,and Rajon Rondo in tow. The Celtics have prepared for life after Allen by signing Jason Terry away from the Dallas Mavericks (More on them in a second).

I’ve also heard that the Lakers may have interest in 39-year-old Grant Hill. 

I understand these guys want to try and win one last title before retirement papers are filed, but did it have to be with those teams,guys? How am I supposed to like you now?

What a difference a year makes.

Last year the Dallas Mavericks won an NBA championship with talented players like Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion,and Jason Kidd. Now it appears the Mavs are having a fire sale as Terry and Kidd have left to other cities (Boston and New York,respectively), and others have left before last season’s end (J.J. Barea to Minnesota). They’ve also failed to sign free agents such as Deron Williams who was offered more money by the Brooklyn Nets to return to that team.

I am very surprised that the Mavericks are coming up short on trying to not only sign free agents but keep key veterans from their championship team. It makes me wonder a little if guys like Nowitzki and Marion could be next to go. If so, that would be sad for a team that accomplished so much not too long ago.

On Saturday, the players who will make up the men’s basketball team for Team USA were announced and I think this team looks even better than the 2008 team. Here is the announced roster:

Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and Deron Williams are the guards. Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, and Kevin Love are the forwards. Tyson Chandler is the lone center.

How can you not love this roster? It’s loaded with shooters! It is going to be exciting watching these guys just drain shot after shot. I think the player I’m most excited to see on this team is Kevin Love, a guy who’s on a Timberwolves team that hasn’t been good as of late but he has been spectacular. I think the world will get to see just how good he really is and has been. While some argue the lack of centers may hurt them, I remind people that the 2008 team had only one true center (Dwight Howard) and Carlos Boozer as a forward/center. I think Team USA will be fine, plus they’re being coached by the man who I think is the greatest active college basketball coach in Mike Krzyzewski. Bring home the gold,gentlemen!

The A’s may be winning more than the Giants as of late,but we have to remember, they have yet to have one of their infamous fire sales. They have so many of them nowadays, you pretty much expect it to happen during the season. If it doesn’t happen then, chances are it will when the offseason approaches.

I’m torn on the A’s doing this time and time again. I hate it because their fans never have enough time to get acquainted with a player because once they do, he’s gone. If I was an A’s fan, I would’ve left the base long ago to the other side. You know, the team that wins and actually pays the talent that comes up with them. I like it because it gives Giants fans something to rub in their faces and to remind them why the Giants are doing better in the win column as well as the box office. Oh,and it gives me something to write about.

Has anyone noticed that so many teams in Major League Baseball either wear blue,red, or both?

By my count, eight teams wear blue, four teams wear red, and 11 teams wear both. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing,but fewer and fewer teams are wearing other colors. One color I’m surprised more teams don’t wear is green. It turns out the A’s are the only team in green (and no,Mariners fans, Northwest Green is not green). The Rays did wear green as their dominant color for most of their run as the Devil Rays, but now are one of the many teams in blue.

I think if we get any more teams in Major League Baseball, no blue or red should be their team colors, we have enough teams in those colors. We may have one less team in red next year if Houston changes their colors when they change them next year,but that’s still yet to be seen.

And will the San Diego Padres please go back to their Taco Bell colored uniforms? Those are real Padres colors to me, not blue and sand.

Does Adele ever sing any songs that contain anything happy? 

Anyone who buys her album should get a free trial prescription for Zoloft and a number to a suicide prevention hotline.
I don’t doubt that she can sing, because she can, it’s just that her songs are all sad and depressing. She’s the female Morrissey (Google it,kids!). How many songs like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Set Fire to the Rain” do I have to hear over and over again on the radio before she comes out with a song about something happy?

I’m not saying she should sound as happy and bubbly as Colbie Caillat, but if she’s going to have a lengthy career in music, she’s going to have to mix it up a bit or else she will have a place in One Hit Wonder Land alongside Lou Bega.

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  1. I just remember his music being about “My life sucks!” and he cashed all those checks for performing all the sad songs he had.

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