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Reviewing the New Toronto Blue Jays Logo and Uniforms

It’s the end of an error.

The Toronto Blue Jays will finally be getting rid of the horrible uniforms they’ve been wearing since 2004 and are going back to their roots and their old colors.

I have to say it, I hated the Blue Jays look. The Jays jersey, the use of the color black, the hats, the use of a color called graphite. It was all bad. Whoever thought of it should be ashamed of ever even trying to change it in the first place. Always remember,kids, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it (Got that,Mark Zuckerberg?).

It’s refreshing to see the Blue Jays go somewhat back to a classic look. The new Blue Jays logo looks a lot like their old one from 1977-96, but it’s a minor update that I think will be a hit with fans.

The uniforms look great! They’re a simple look,but they look like the Toronto Blue Jays should look. I love the hat, the jerseys with the blue jay underneath the wordmark and the numbers with the stripes in the middle. This is how the Blue Jays should look always.


My only disappointment is that there is no powder blue jersey like there was in the old days,but I’m sure with enough fan interest one will pop up again someday. All in all, a classic look returns in a new way and I think it’s a winning look that Blue Jays fans hope will get them back to winning ways.

Thumbs Up!

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