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No heart, no determination,and no hope


I’m starting to wonder if this team still even knows how to win. After their second straight loss, the New England Patriots appear to have fallen apart. Yes, at 5-3 they still share some part of the AFC East lead, but Patriots fans like myself are beginning to panic that they might not even make the postseason.

Truth be told, I am not used to this. I’m really used to seeing my team blow out their opponents and winning handily. Instead, they’re the ones getting blown out and end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. That is exactly what happened Sunday when they had a 20-17 lead with about a minute and a half left in the game and their defense, who at this point would have trouble against Casa Roble High’s JV team, couldn’t stop Eli Manning’s drive to win it. It was reminiscent of another dark day in sports, Super Bowl XLII. I’ll leave it at that.

Look,I still hope they can get right and get back to the playoffs, but those hopes are dwindling at the moment. Why didn’t this team take their bye week a lot more seriously? What happened to the “we can do better” approach this team used to have during their Super Bowl years? I feel like a lot of that has come and gone. I still like Coach Belichick and would have him coach my team anywhere,anytime, but I’m feeling he’s playing too much conservative football. I think the final test to determine whether or not they’ll be playing football in January will come on the national stage when they visit the Jets on Sunday Night Football (5:20pm on NBC). If this team stinks it up against their hated rival next weekend (right after Faith Hill singing and looking good in a pair of 7-inch heels), they will show you and I that this team isn’t playing with a lot of heart or determination. I hope it isn’t so, but when you ask your dad “How are they going to fuck this one up?”, it’s not a good sign that all is well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get ready to watch more hockey. I love hockey, but I really use it as a disguise that I’m fine.


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