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You’re 3-1, but who have you played?

The San Francisco 49ers are off to a great start at 3-1. Fans are once again wearing their red and gold jerseys after years of not doing so (or so it seems, I keep seeing more and more 49ers jerseys out there than I used to, Hmmm….) and are excited about their teams chances to make the postseason for the first time in nearly a decade.

But I still worry about this team a little bit. All three of their victories have come against teams who either haven’t been very good as late (Cincinnati) or won’t be good at all this season (Seattle) or have been overhyped as the perfect team to win it all (Philadelphia). This year’s 49ers team looks an awful lot like last year’s Kansas City Chiefs team. The Chiefs won 10 games last year and the AFC West title. However, most of their 10 wins came against teams with bad records which hurt them in the playoffs as they were boatraced at home by the Baltimore Ravens 30-7.

This could very well happen to the 49ers. Upcoming opponents like Tampa Bay and Detroit may give Alex Smith and company a run for their money (By the way,I’m buying the Lions until they lose!). As the season goes on,opponents will get tougher as they have to play AFC powerhouses Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

I’m not trying to downplay their win against the Eagles, that was an amazing comeback and they deserve all the credit for winning. I’m just saying if this team is to make the postseason, they may get embarrassed at home much like the Chiefs did last year. Once they play a real team and beat them convincingly and once Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree sell me on why they’re any good, I have yet to be sold on the 49ers being a contender.

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