Lockout matters to fans of every team,even the bad ones

Earlier this week, a co-worker and I were in the breakroom and we both talk to one another about sports pretty frequently. This co-worker is a 49ers fan and has seen the team in some dismal seasons recently while my New England Patriots have seen perennial success with three Super Bowl trophies and a near perfect season. We were talking about the current NFL lockout and since the 49ers aren’t good it doesn’t matter if there’s a season next year. I, on the other hand, did care because my team did very well last season for what was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

It got me to wonder if this was the sentiment of many fans of teams who haven’t won in a while. I have to say that while it’s true that if you hold no hope of seeing your team win anytime soon, you still want to see them play a 2011 season. What if this is the year they exercise the demons of seasons past and finally have a winning year?

If your team is good year in and year out,this has to be gnawing at you every day that there’s no deal. Sure,it’s early and the NFL season is six months away,but damnit,you just want football. Your team was so close last year (or if you’re a Packers fan, it’s time to try and repeat) and you want then to try ¬†again before the window of opportunity closes. You don’t care which side is winning or know anything about the legal proceedings that will take place April 6. All you want is an NFL season in 2011.

This isn’t the NBA where eight to 10 teams matter and a lockout in that league would save you unless you like superteams,this is the NFL where you can be 3-13 one season and champions the next. It’s where you can be one player away from being relevant again. It’s the only sport or league I can think of that fans of nearly every team feel like their team has a chance at the beginning of the season,and that’s wonderful. But if there’s no season in 2011 it won’t be like baseball in 1994 where fans flocked to other sports to get a fix, football is king in America.

I think if you’re a fan,you’re feeling a lot like me in that you don’t care how it happens,you just want a season in 2011. I hope that happens because I don’t know what else I’d do or write about for that matter. Writing about football is easy,writing about hockey is not.

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