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Like them or not, the Raiders are the better Bay Area team

Alright, let’s get back to sports since this primarily a sports blog, and today I’m talking about a team I haven’t talked about a whole lot on here mainly because they are a hated bunch.

However, like ‘em or not, the Oakland Raiders are starting to look like something. At 3-4, the Raiders are a game and a half back of the Chiefs and hammered the Denver Broncos in their own house 59-14 on Sunday. This came after a week of poor play calling against the 49ers and quarterback Jason Campbell having a quarterback rating of 10.

In the past, I’ve given the Raiders and their fans a hard time because they haven’t been a good team and fans have had the “we can dish out the smack, but can’t take it” kind of attitude about them. I still feel like that may always be the case with them, however, their team is doing something the other team in the Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers, aren’t: winning. Yes, the 49ers beat them last week, but they looked awful doing so as they did it.

This team has some pretty good weapons on offense as well. Darren McFadden had a field day on Sunday with 165 yards rushing and four, yes, four touchdowns (that’s 43 fantasy points for you fellow fantasy geeks).

As good as McFadden is, Zach Miller is becoming a pretty good tight end in this league. He may not get very many catches a game, but he comes through when you need him, and I’m not just saying that because he is on my fantasy team and has replaced Tony Gonzalez as my go-to tight end. All the Raiders need to do is figure out who their quarterback is and I think that will happen very soon.

The thing that disappoints me about this team is that fans do not show up to the games thus blacking them out on television. Reasons for this may include high ticket prices, the lack of success for the team over the years, and maybe even people being afraid to go due to the rowdiness of the crowds at games. I do think it’s mostly because fans are disappointed with the team and don’t want to spend top dollar to see them lose, but the fear factor may be an underrated reason why fans take a pass on getting to a game.

Will they make the playoffs? At this point, I doubt it. When you look at the rest of the AFC, there are a lot of good teams, but we still don’t know what kind of team Kansas City is, and the Chargers and Broncos could get back on the right track, although that’s also doubtful. I see the Raiders finishing 8-8 just shy of the playoffs, but they have been proving me and a lot of others wrong this season and this is just an opportunity for them to continue to. If they do make the postseason, they will not, I repeat, will not beat my New England Patriots.

P.S. Get over the Tuck Rule once and for all!

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