Ask T.J. Anything-Oct. 22, 2010

OK, another week of questions from the readers. So, here we go…

Some crazy guy set the Galleria on fire yesterday. Who does that? Who has time?

That’s a very sad situation for the people who are now out of work at this time in this awful economy. I myself don’t shop there much because it’s mainly a mall for rich,white people (Yep,I said it), But for the folks who do, I gotta remind them that nobody has been killed, nobody is hurt physically, and that the items in this mall can and will be replaced. People are just not replaceable.

Who would you rather see the Giants face in the World Series?

If they make it, I’d like to see the Rangers. I think they’d be a better match-up and I can see them winning in five or six games. If they played the Yankees, they might have a tougher time beating them since they are a perennial playoff team. If they beat the Yankees in the World Series, it would be in seven.

What is your opinion on lately all that has been coming out are 3D movies?

I think there’s a bit of overkill of them. They cost too much to get into, they make you wear those awful glasses that have been passed around. And also, I have trouble with 3-D to begin with, so already they’re out for me. More power to you if you like them.

Why don’t you do the Top 8 List anymore?

I do them every so often. I’d like to do them more, but I’ve done this list for a real long time,  dating back to middle school when it was The Top 10, then after high school we shortened it to eight. It gets harder as time goes on. Also,I’ve been writing so much more serious stuff that doing fringe stuff such as the Top 8 takes a back seat to that. If you have an idea for one, you know where to find me.

If you could become any fictional character, who would you be?

Kojak. That guy was as cool as the other side of the pillow!

Which TV show has become an instant favorite of yours?

That’s easy, I like the Pawn Stars show on the History Channel. My dad and I watch that every Monday night, it’s just cool to see the items they get in there and the history and story behind them. I also like the people on the show, those guys are doing their thing and I like that. Plus they were also on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on Tuesday,but they didn’t do too hot. But Pawn Stars, great show, check it out on the History Channel.

If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?

I would just like to travel across America in an RV. Just to see the rest of the country and what it’s all about is something I’ve dreamed about doing and would love to do one of these days. Who’s coming with me?

What is something you would feel incomplete without?

Definitely my glasses. They complete the way I look and I feel very naked if I am not wearing them, which is very rare.

Whatever happened to Christopher Lloyd?

I really don’t know. I loved him in the Back to the Future movies, he was terrific. He’s still around, mainly on the stage now, but I hope he will still be in films from time to time.

Why haven’t you done a bad review yet? They’ve all been favorable!

Yeah they have, and I was set to do a bad review some time ago about Cherry Vanilla Pepsi, but I never got around to it. There might be one sometime down the road,though. Check back and see!

And check back with a question for me at , and we will see you next time!

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