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Reviewing the New England Patriots’ New Uniforms

PatsUnis1After two decades and six Super Bowl titles in the same uniforms, the Patriots decided to tweak their look and unveiled their new uniforms early this morning,a signal of the end of the Tom Brady era.

The team’s Color Rush uniforms of the last few seasons will now take center stage with the font of the numerals changing. 


The home uniform, save for the standard silver helmet, is all navy. The jersey with red and white shoulder stripes, the numerals are white with red and silver trim. The team logo is on each sleeve. The name plate is in white. The pants have alternating red and white stripes down the side.


The away uniform features a white jersey with alternating red and blue stripes on the shoulder, the numerals in blue with red and silver trim. The team logo is on each sleeve. The navy pants in the home uniform are also used with this uniform.

“As we started to think about the 2020 season and a new decade, we began to envision what we wanted our uniforms to reflect,” said Jen Ferron, the chief marketing office for Kraft Sports and Entertainment, “The success of the ‘Color Rush’ uniform that we’ve worn for the past couple of years had us thinking that we didn’t need to make real substantive changes, rather we could make modest changes to our home uniform and then use a complementary version with those same aesthetics for our away uniform.”

Ferron says the team may bring back the red throwback uniform if league rules are relaxed to allow more than one helmet per season.

“Our primary uniforms in the modern era have been blue and white and they will remain so,” says Ferron, “We recognize that fans also have an affinity for the red ‘throwback’ uniform and we hope to incorporate that into our uniform rotation in the future.”

What I Like: I do like the new striping for the away uniforms, I like that the helmet stayed the same

What I Don’t Like: Only one set of pants, no TV numbers on the shoulders or sleeves, the glaring absence of silver, and the number font change. The team would’ve been better off going back to throwbacks permanently. Also,no alternate jersey? Like a red or silver one? It could’ve tied the new set together. Also,the Houston Texans called and want their pants back!

Thumbs Down!





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